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World’s Finest Interviews Michael Jelenic and James Tucker on Series Finale to "Batman: The Brave & the Bold"

by on November 18, 2011

The World’s Finest has interviewed Michael Jelenic, story editor for Batman: The Brave and the Bold, to discuss the series in general and the series finale “Mitefall!” in particular. Among other topics, Jelenic discusses what it was like working with producer James Tucker, his favorite episode of the show, how the idea for the finale developed into the final produced episode, and transitioning from the show to ThunderCats.

In addition, the World’s Finest has posted one last Q&A with Brave and the Bold producer James Tucker focusing on “Mitefall!” Among other topics, Tucker discusses some of the same topics as Jelenic but from his perspective, the casting of Henry Winkler and Ted McGinley as a meta-commentary joke, and his final words to the fans of the show.

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