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 Letter From The Editor

You've just tuned in to The Looney Bin! The Unofficial Warner Bros. Club's Official Newsletter. It's a wacky, zany newsletter that contains quizzes, fan-written stories and all sorts of good stuff..and yet, it's still short enough to keep you guys with the short attention span around. So, sit back...Relax...And enjoy this latest issue!

Harley Quinn
SROTW (Supreme Ruler of the World, Toon Zone branch)


Letter From The Co-Editor

Hiyas! I’m the new co-editor of The Looney Bin, Penny (short for Penelope Pussycat, a.k.a. the cat Pepe Le Pew thinks is a skunk)! Some of you may know me formerly as Babs Bunny, but I’ve become pretty attached to Penny myself. Anyhoo, this is my first attempt at producing a newsletter. Hope you enjoy it!

Penelope Pussycat



Pinky and the Brain - Round Robin
Continued from Issue #6

Colin Feder (Lines 1-12)
Ron "Keeper" O'Dell (Lines 13-39)
 "But Brain, what if people don't watch the SuperBowl?" 

"Nonsense Pinky, anyone who is anyone watches the Superbowl. Besides, this year's halftime show is supposed to be an ice cream store worker singing Culture Club's Greatest Hits. Everyone loved Culture Club back in the 80s" explained Brain.

 "Zort! Culture Club! I love their song... what is it... Karma Cardigan... nono... um... Klepto Chameleon..."

 "Pinky... FOCUS!" Brain exclaimed just as he was about to hit Pinky over the head with a pencil again. 
 Brain went on doing some last minute preparations as Pinky bounced about the cage singing,

"Klepto, Klepto, Klepto, Klepto, Klepto Chameleon...
             You stole my hues,
             You stole coooooolors!"

Brain ignored the deranged singing as he put the final touches on his work.  "The device is almost complete, Pinky," he announced. "Thankfully, with Elmyra's sister being one of the dancers for the halftime show, we will have no problem getting the Micro-Magnetic Thermonuclear Hypnotic Device to the stage; it will appear to be part of her outfit.  The only thing we'll need to do, then, is to get a miniature transmitter to affix to it here. And I know just where to get one."

 "From behind your ear?" Pinky suggested.

 "No, but you're not entirely off the mark for once, my friend. We can get it from the Helmet Cam.  Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

 "I think so, Brain, and I keep telling you, Boomer is NOT a chicken! NaRF!"

 "Nevermind that now, Pinky.  But we must get inside Boomer's helmet, dismantle the Helmet Cam, take the transmitter, and then, when he removes his helmet at halftime, we will rush out to affix it to this device just in time for millions of viewers to be tuning in for the Culture Club's Greatest Hits, but instead will be hypnotised into obeying me, and then, By George, we'll take over the world!"

 Pinky's eyes filled with excitement.  "Egad, Brain! Brilliant! Um, just a couple of little things, though..."

 Brain sighed. "Besides your mind?"

 "Yes. It's just, well, um, won't they notice when you dismantle the Helmet Cam thingy?"

 "Of course not.  The Helmet Cam never works properly."

 "Oh, right you are. Poit.  Then the other concern is, well, won't it be rather dangerous to be inside Boomer's helmet?"

 "Nonsense, Pinky.  They say he's one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time.  Who could possibly cause him or us to come to harm?"


 At the Superbowl, Pinky and Brain peer out from inside a football helmet at several grunting, snorting, enormous defensive linesmen. They, and the quarterback with whom they ride, quiver with fear.

 "B'kawk ... ."

 (Commercial break!)

The Top Ten Reasons Why Wile E. Coyote Chases The Road Runner:

Written by Sylvester

Illustrated by Federica Giulietti
From the home offices in Acme Acres, office #2B.....

10) Membership at the local gym has expired, and this is his only way to stay fit.

9) He lives in a desert. What else is he gonna do...water the cactuses?

8) Wants to prove Acme products really do work.

7) Let's face it, work for coyotes isn't what it used to be since "American Werewolf in Paris" came out on video.

6) He'd chase Bugs Bunny, but Bugs is too famous to be chased. Lots of people would be disappointed.

5) Wants to prove to female coyotes that he is a real macho coyote…he can chase Road Runners.

4) I dunno...he's bored maybe?

3) The IRS doesn't collect taxes if he writes down he's a Professional Road Runner Chaser.

2) How else was he gonna get to be in a Pontiac Car Commercial?...somebody had to do it.

 And the number one reason Wile E. Coyote chases the Road Runner is :

1)   He wants to be Batman...hey, that Bruce Wayne character has nothing on him!!


“Cats Don’t Dance” Quiz: Part 1
By Penelope

And you thought that quiz on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” was bad? =) Here’s the first part of a quiz on the Warner Brothers animated feature film “Cats Don’t Dance”. Review the movie as many times as needed to answer the following questions. Answers for Part 1 will be in the next issue of “The Looney Bin” as well as the questions for Part 2. Good luck!

 Questions 1-13: The Characters: Match each of the following characters with their character descriptions:

1.       Danny
5.       Cranston
6.       Frances
Farley Wink
LB Mammoth
Darla Dimple
A. ice-delivering penguin
B. old fish
C. former star who’s now a secretary
D. piano-playing elephant
E. head of a movie studio
F. male cat trying to make it big in Hollywood
G. movie director
H. sweet hippo
I. bodyguard/servant
J. head of an animal talent agency
K. nervous turtle full of fortune
L. child star who’s not what she seems to be
M. old goat

Questions 14-20: The Voices: All multiple-choice questions on some of the actors and actresses who provided their voices to the movie:

14.   Scott Bakula—the voice of Danny—was also the star of what popular TV series?

  1. “Sliders”

  2. “Quantum Leap”

  3. “MacGyver”

  4. “SeaQuest, DSV”

15.   Jasmine Guy—the voice of Sawyer—was also a star on “A Different World”. Which character did she play?

  1. Denise

  2. Maggie

  3. Kim

  4. Whitley 

16.   Kathy Najimy—the voice of Tilly—also stars in which of the following shows?

  1. “Veronica’s Closet”

  2. “Friends”

  3. “Suddenly Susan"

  4. “Mad About You”

 17.   TW is voiced by Don Knotts, who starred in “Three’s Company” as which character?

  1. Mr. Furley

  2. Mr. Ropher

  3. Jack Tripper

  4. Larry Dallas

 18.   John Rhys-Davies—the voice of Woolie—also had a part in which Indiana Jones movie?

  1. “Raiders of the Lost Ark”
  2. “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”
  3. “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”

 19.   Rene Auberjonois—the voice of Flanigan—also provided a voice in which of the following Disney features?

  1. “The Lion King”

  2. “Beauty & the Beast”

  3. “The Little Mermaid”

  4. “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”      

 20.   Lindsay Ridgeway—the singing voice of Darla Dimple—also costars in which of the following shows?

  1. “The Tom Arnold Show”

  2. “Boy Meets World”

  3. “Step by Step”

  4. “The Young & the Restless”

 Questions 21-27: The Opening Credits: All short answer/fill-in.

 21.   What city is Danny from?

22.   How is the title of the movie presented?

23.   Where (on what object) does Scott Bakula’s name appear?

24.   What about Jasmine Guy’s name?

25.   On the way to Hollywood, Danny’s bus stops at what kind of establishment?

26.   Who provides the music and lyrics for the movie?

27.   What is the title of the song that plays during the opening credits? (Hints: listen to the song carefully, check the end credits, or check the soundtrack.)

The Superhero Roundtable

By Eileen “Harley” Delgadillo


 Warrior's Bar & Grill is dimly lit & smoke-filled.  All of it's customers are dressed in spandex and other Superhero attire. At the center of the room is a round table with a little sign on it that is labeled, "Just-Us-League."


 Seated at the Just-Us-League's table are the Superhero elite:

 The Green Lamp is slightly overweight and looks rather unkempt. He is wearing a green and black costume and a green mask.


So I'm flyin' along mindin' my own business when BAM, The Yellow Submarine attacks me. You know him, he's that ugly dude with the yellow costume and the periscope on his head.

 He pauses for a second and takes a swig of beer.

So he's poundin' my face in. Then I start thinkin'....


How often does that happen?

 The Green Lamp lets out a long burp.


So I start thinkin', "Wait a minute, I'm the Green Lamp! I don't haveta take this crap!". So's I make this pair off big tweezers that pull this dude away from me. Then I make this great big green beer can and crush it on his head.

 The heroes all chuckle.


Well, Human Martianhunter, how are your adventures going?

 The Human Martianhunter is 5'5" and stocky looking. He is wearing a blue cape and blue underwear. On the table in front of him is a gun labeled "Martian Zapper". He speaks in a voice similar to that of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man.


Not well, definitely not well. There aren't many martians around these days. I thought I saw a couple of martians last week, but they were really a couple of fans who had painted themselves green for a football game. I got into some trouble when I zapped them.


Ouch! That must've hurt. Community Service?


Yeah, people won't stop throwing stuff at me on the highway.

 The flasher is 5'9". He's a skinny man who is wearing a red mask and a trench coat. 


I hate it when that happens! I get arrested all the time. I mean, I TRY to save the people of the world, but how can I do that when I keep getting arrested for dropping my trench coat? They have two cops following me around now, Bob and Joe. These two guys are on standby, just waiting for me. They don't even arrest the criminals anymore! Sometimes after I get out of jail, Bob, Joe and I go out for a few beers.  

Bluperman is 6'1". he has the build of a superman and the complexion of a smurf.

 BLUPERMAN (condescending tone)

Cheer up, old friend! It can't be that bad. Although, I'm going through some rough times myself. (no longer condescending) Ever since my powers changed...again....I've been a little down. You remember my Super-Breath, and Super-Sneeze? GONE! And the X-ray vision? GONE! (sniff) I can't even really fly anymore and I look like a friggin' smurf!

 Bluperman lays his head down on the table and cries in his beer.


Wow, what a rough week!


You too. I think we ALL saw you Wednesday on national TV when you accidentally wrapped your magic lasso around yourself.


Well, you know, it makes people tell the truth.


Yeah, but we didn't need to know about you, The Invisible Man, and Bluperman.


I thought everyone knew about that one!

 Blunder Woman blushes and Bluperman turns a deeper shade of blue. Both turn slightly away from the table.


And how about when you said....



 Blunder Woman tries to regain her composure. The flasher whistles a little and the others remain silent.
 Suddenly, the "Just-Us alarm" goes off. All of the Leaguers groan. 



 Bluperman is the first to put his beer down. He stands up and strikes a heroic pose. He takes a deep breath.

 BLUPERMAN (depressed)

Let's go, guys.

 The rest of the League rises and start to walk towards the door. Bluperman starts to wobble a little.

CHARLIE, the bar owner looks over at them with an angry look. Charlie is 5'4" Italian man. He's chubby and is wearing an apron.




Just put it on our tab, Chuck! 


Put it on your tab, my ass! You know how much you guys owe me????? 


We're Superheroes, you think we actually have lives? You think we have time to earn a living? No, we're  out there all the time risking our lives to save the common folk, Chuck!

 Charlie stares at them with an angry grin and taps his foot on the ground. 


Hey, look! It's Marlon Brando!!!!!!!


The Flasher points behind Charlie. 




Charlie turns to look to where The Flasher was pointing. All of the Leaguers start to run out the door. Charlie turns back around. 


HEY!!!! Where do you think you're going??!?!?!?!?!?!

 Bluperman trips on a nearby chair while the others make it safely out of the door. Charlie walks over to Bluperman and grabs him by the ear.  


OWW!!!! Quit that!!!


You! You are going to do dishes!!!

 Bluperman is dragged towards the kitchen in the back by his ear.  



Bluperman is washing dishes and watching the TV across from him.



Earlier today, the Just-Us Leaguers apprehended the notorious villian, The Gaseous Weiner.  

The Gaseous Weiner is shown in handcuffs being led by police into a police car. 

The Weiner was taken to the County prison. The mayor shortly after held a press conference in which he offered the Leaguers the key to the city and ten thousand dollars. Here's an amazing clip from the press conference:


 We see the mayor handing the key and an over-sized check to the Green Lamp.


We gladly accept the key to the city, but I'm afraid we must decline the ten thousand dollar award.  

The Green Lamp stands proudly. There's some mumbling in the background amongst the reporters. The mayor looks shocked. 



That was amazing folks, a true display of heroism….and stupidity…. Half an hour later, Con Ed cut off the electricity to their headquarters as the League failed to pay the electric bill. They have now opened a lemonade stand outside of their headquarters in hopes of generating enough profit to pay the bill. That's all folks!


Bluperman turns the T.V. off and starts mumbling under his breath. He continues to wash the dishes.


Ask Sly Anything!

By…as if we really needed to tell you this…Sly!

 We’re trying out a new article for the Looney Bin! The object is to ask Sly any question on any topic and see what kind of answers you can get out of him. Here’s what a couple of the members of the Warner Brothers Club at had to ask Sly:

 “Why do you spit when you talk?”--Gookie

 “Well Gookie, that's a good question...I usually spit when I talk 'cause I have a big tongue and that just gets in the way sometimes. Sometimes I'll spit when I talk if I hear anything about birds or fish.  Of course, I sometimes do it just to get attention.=)”—Sly


“Can you eat Jerry (Mouse) and Tweety and keep them both down?”—Will 

“Dear Will,

 I could eat Jerry and Tweety at the same time, but that's like mixing Salt with Water...the taste isn't so great.=) Thanks for the question bro!”—Sly


 If you’d like to submit a question or two to Sly, send your question(s) to me at and I’ll make sure they get answered.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Part 4 of “Sylvester and the Case of the Missing Ruby” could not be placed into this issue of The Looney Bin as originally planned. However, be on the look out for it in the next issue!

And now…the credits!


Editor: Harley Quinn
Co-Editor: Penelope Pussycat
Writers: Harley, Penelope, Sylvester, Colin, Ron “Keeper” O’Dell
Illustrators (with the drawing they made in parentheses):

            Harley (Harley Quinn)
Carlos Franco (Penelope Pussycat)
Romey (Pinky)
Federica Giulietti (Wile E. and Road Runner)

Special Thanks to…

…all who contributed to this issue, but especially to Harley for giving me the job of Co-Editor. I just hope my school responsibilities don’t take over too much of my time. =)


Please send all material for the Looney Bin to me at or Harley at , whether it be stories, drawings, additions to the current “Pinky & the Brain” Round Robin, or anything else you can come up with! We’ll find room for it somewhere, we promise! =)


Don’t forget to visit the Official WB Animation Site at:!



Issue #06

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