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Letter From The Editor

Hey, look at that! It says Issue #6 up there, doesn’t it? Cool Beans! Well, welcome to the WBC’s Newsletter, The Looney Bin! If you somehow downloaded it by mistake…read it anyway! It’s not that bad! =) Enough rambling! On with the newsletter!

Harley Quinn
SROTW (Supreme Ruler of the Web)


I took a survey on the WBC on Prodigy asking the following question: If aliens were to take over our planet in a week and possibly blow it up, what would you do? Take a look below for everyone’s responses! Thanks to all who participated! –Babs/Penny

Survey Says

"What would I do? Pray to god that they change their minds. Either that or talk them into taking over some other planet. <G>"
—Linda a.k.a. Babs/Penny

"If aliens were going to blow up the planet I would probably ask the government to destroy them with their alien technology. I am being serious. Have you heard of Area 51? Trust me. There are more. If that was prevented somehow, I would most likely pray. What else is there to do?"—Brian P. a.k.a. Wakko

"What would I do? Hmm…pray that a real MiB does exist. <G> Seriously, I’d kick alien butt…or end up one of their experiments. <G>"—Brian S. a.k.a. Sylvester

"Let’s see now…I would hope that they’d land in Los Angeles, and be unable to breathe in the smog, and then be rendered dead…but then, we couldn’t find out what their intentions were…peaceful or otherwise. Or, I’d show them a marathon of episodes of ‘Full House’. That would certainly scare them off."—Billustrator a.k.a. Freakazoid

"Me? I would do this—buy a 1998 new (Volkswagen) Beetle, put my son in the back and just drive. Nowhere in particular; just drive. I would want to die doing what I enjoy the most and die with my son."—Gina a.k.a. Etrigan

"Honestly, I would probably go find Jeff Goldblume and, well, you know where this goes from there. Hey, if I’ve got a week, I’m going to live it up!"—Sarah a.k.a. Shirley

"I wouldn’t like aliens to come but if they were going to come, I would be afraid. God knows what they could do to us by telepathic waves to our minds and by their intelligence. I would be really scared and I would hide somewhere, like in the basement. No joke. I’d like the U.S. to nuke ’em good."
—Scott a.k.a. Buster

"Well, Brian and I have had a pact going since a little after he and I started going out. We decided that if the world was ever going to end we’d meet together and…Hey, if the world’s gonna go out with a bang, so are we!" ---Eileen a.k.a. Harley

Sylvester and the Case of the Missing Ruby: Part 3

Written by Babs
Illustrated by Harley

12:55 PM: After spending 20 minutes walking around the block, I finally found my car. Unfortunately, I had it parked in a "no parking" zone and got a $100 ticket. Note three to self: read the signs by the parking space before you park your car.

My next stop - the jewelry shop uptown. I figured if someone stole the ruby and didn't try to pawn it. Maybe they got it appraised.

1:17 PM: I arrived at the pawn shop. Nobody was at the front counter when I entered, so I browsed around a bit. I decided I might as well look for a nice ring to give to some lucky lady...if I'm ever lucky enough to find one.

As I was perusing through the diamond rings, a voice rang out that scared the life out of me. One down. Eight to go.

It was the voice of a man, but not just any man...a short, bald man with a speech impediment. "May I help you, sir?" he asked.

"Um...yeah," I answered after my fur calmed down. "I was wondering if anyone may have brought in a ruby for appraisal."

"A wuby?" asked the man.

"No, a ruby," I said.

"No one's bwought any wubies in today, but we have some wuvwy wubies wight here if you're intewested in purchasing one."

"No thanks," I said, "but if someone does come in with one, please give me a call. My name is Sylvester D. Cat and I'm a private eye." I then pulled out one of my business cards and handed it to him.

"Ooh, a pwivate eye!" exclaimed the man.

"No," I responded, "private eye."

The man nodded and I proceeded to step out the door. Just then the same cat who had crossed my path before crossed my path once again. Good thing it wasn't a black cat 'cuz boy would I have a lot of bad luck if it were!

1:42 pm: Found my car again, until I realized it wasn't my car but a car that was the same as mine with a different colored interior. Then I found my real car down the street.

When I got in, I decided to pay Babs a visit later on at her night club and give her an update on the situation. Unfortunately there wasn't much to update.

7:37 PM: I arrived at the night club. I parked my car up front, making sure it wasn't a "no parking" zone, and proceeded to enter the door when a large, muscle-bound dog stopped me. "Excuse me, puny little pussy cat. Where do you think you are going?"

"Inside," I answered, "and I suggest you let me in before I..."

"You what?" he interrupted.

Just then Babs came outside. "It's okay, Arnold," she said. "He's the detective I hired to find my Ruby."

The dog nodded and stepped aside to let me pass. "Phew," I said to myself. "There's no telling what he could've done to me-er, I done to him."

Babs looked beautiful that evening. She wore a sleek purple dress that seemed to take shape around her body. I couldn't help but drool as I followed her inside and to one of the tables.

"Sit down, Mr. Cat," she said in her sweet, sensuous voice. "May I get you something to drink?"

"Nothing for me thanks, Miss..."

"Bunny!" she bolted suddenly. "How many times do I have to remind you that before you remember it yourself?"

I felt my cheeks blush again the way it always does when I'm with her - like the color of red wine. That's when another familiar face came through the door.

"Bugs!" I hollered. "What brings you here?"

"The entertainment, really, and a certain bet," he said as he sat down.

"I told you! I'll pay you back when I get the money!" I yelled. Noticing then that everyone in the club was looking at me, I sat back down. That's when Bugs realized Babs was also at the table. "Oh, hi Babs," he said to her.

"Hello, Bugs. The usual?"

"Yes, please."

With that, she left the table and headed toward the bar on the other side of the club.

"I didn't know you and the bunny - the other bunny - were so...intimate," I commented.

"Oh, we're not," he responded, "but I do come here all the time just to hear her sing."

Just then, Babs returned with what seemed to be a Shirley Temple - the drink, not the actress. "So, Mr. Cat," she started after she handed Bugs the drink. "Any word on my Ruby yet?"

"Not yet," I sighed.

"Then why are you here?"

"To ask you a couple of questions. First of all, do you know anyone who might want to steal your ruby? Perhaps, an enemy?"

"I have no enemies, and I don't know of anyone who would want to steal my darling Ruby."

"When's the last time you saw it?"

"Two nights ago. I let her out and she hasn't come home since."

Just then her eyes started to tear up. I pulled out a handkerchief, handed it to her, and pat her back. That's when I realized something - did she just call her ruby a "she", and why would she let it out?

That's it for now. Keep an eye out for Part 4 in the next issue of "The Looney Bin". Also, if you missed parts 1 and 2, e-mail me at and I'll be happy to send you a copy.

Tiny Toons: How I spent my Summer Vacation - Part IV

Here’s the fourth installment of the quiz to end all Tiny Toons Quizzes! It’s a quiz on the feature length movie, How I spent my Summer Vacation. Watch it as many times as you want. Every question is answered. HINT: Watch many of the scenes very closely. The answers to this portion of the quiz can be found next issue.

Fifi & Johnny Pew

57.– 61. There are stars galore in the Acme Resort Hotel. Identify 5 of them.

Fourth of July

62.-65. Babs’ song is very tasteful. Name four food items she mentions.

66.-68. What do each of the gatorettes get to prepare for the wedding?

Here’s the next installment of the Pinky & the Brain story. Thanks to Chris Cox for the continuation for this issue! Don’t forget…Round Robin depends on the readers. So if you’d like to continue this story, please send what you’ve written to Thanks!

Round Robin – Pinky & the Brain

Continued from Issue #5…

"Errrrr ...Ummmmm... I think so, Brain...but why not just use a brick? Zort!!!"

Brain took another pause to allow his agitation to subside again before speaking

"Tonight, Pinky...the most anticipated televised sports event of the year...The Super Bowl...will take place. It will be watched by millions!!! We are going down to the television station and we are going to attach this device to the transmitter...and tonight, when everyone turns on their televisions to watch football, the transmissions from my device will hypnotize them and transmit subliminal messages telling them to follow my every command. Soon Pinky, we will be in control of the world!!!


Answers to Tiny Toons: How I spent my Summer Vacation – Part III

45. 100 bottles of Non-Alcoholic Beverage on the Wall.

46. Tongue Joke #1 – When U.S. squeezes his sweaty towel over Plucky’s head. Plucky gargles with the sweat, his tongue turns yellow and cracks into pieces.

47.-48. Red, Blue, Lime Green, Pink, Yellow

49.-51. Wade, Winnie, uncle Stinky, Hamton, Plucky, beach ball*, canoe*, tent*, car frame, canoe paddle*, cooler*, fishing pole*, motorboat*, picnic table*, kitchen sink* (* Can also be used for items 17-19.)

52.-53. Billious Black, Jaundice Orange, Lackluster White, Gaggle Green

54. T.J.#2 – Hamton paints Plucky’s tongue.

55.-56. "Aaaaack!" "Buster!" "Yaaaa!" "Bus-teeeeeer!"

Special Thanks To:

Harley, Babs, Chris Cox and Colin

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