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Letter From the Editor

Surprise! It's me again! Welcome to the third issue of the TLB! It's really great to see the Looney Bin! taking off like this. I changed the format a little, as I'm sure you can tell. (I just got Office 97 at work and I'm trying out ail the new features.) Anyways, I hope you enjoy this issue!!

Send any complaints or compliments to:

tlb031.jpg (2682 bytes)Dot


tlb032.jpg (4942 bytes)Tiny Toons How I Spent My Summer Vacation Quiz: Part I
By Colin Feder (The Duck formerly known as Plucky)


Here's the quiz of all Tiny Toons Quizzes! it's a quiz on the feature length animated movie "How I Spent My Summer Vacation". Watch it as many times as you want, every question is answered. HINT: Watch many of the scenes extremely closely. The answers will be posted in the next issue of The Looney Bin. (Editor's Note: As this quiz is pretty darn long, I will be running it in parts. took for part two in the TLB#4. Enjoy!

tlb033.jpg (2631 bytes)The Commercial:

1. When Hamton thinks Buster's rabbit hole is dirty, what does he use to dean the rabbit hole?

2. When all the toonsters jump onto the couch, the couch expands to fit all of the characters. What show (on the FOX Network) may this idea have been taken from?

3. When all the toonsters are on the couch, one character sticks his head out from under the couch. Who is it?

Opening Scene:

4. Each toon is (supposedly) writing an essay. How is Shirley writing hertlb034.jpg (6199 bytes) essay?

5. How is ACME written on the clock before the song? (What is the shape?)

6. & 7. Name 2 items Plucky puts in his knapsack.

8. What happens to Buster and Babs after they sing "Books" and throw the books up in the air?

9. What is 1 of the things drawn on the board near the door?

10-12. Name 3 items that around Buster's desk that he is either holding or is sitting on the floor.

13-15. Name 3 locations on the travel posters in the main title theme. (We almost went Looney from counting days till Juney...)

16. At the beach scene at the end of the opening, who is the only toon not wearing sunglasses?

Hey Look! It’s A Chuck Jones Bio!
By Dot

Here’s something I wrote for one of my classes last term. Tell me what you think…

Chuck Jones has created over 300 animated films in his career. He has Won four academy awards, including an Honorary Oscar in 1996. Jones has also been awarded two Honorary Doctorates as well as having received countless awards and distinctions from throughout the world. This all says that the man has worked hard. But one won't know why he has won all these awards until they have had the joy of watching one of the cartoons he has directed. The following quote from Chuck Jones illustrates one of the main reasons he is considered to be so great today:

"A young man came to work with us at Warner Bros. Cartoons as a writertlb035.jpg (9939 bytes) shortly after World War II and promptly and proudly wrote home to his grandmother in Denver that he was writing scripts for Bugs Bunny.

'I can't understand why you're writing scripts for Bugs Bunny,' the old lady replied with some asperity. 'He's funny enough just as he is.

Believability. That's what we're striving for. Not believability by the audience; that will follow. But belief in the life of the characters---by the writer, the artist, the director, the animator. That, after all, is the dictionary definition and meaning of the word 'animation': to invoke life.

Chuck Jones was born on September 21, 1912. He and his family lived by an orange grove directly across from Hollywood High School on Sunset Boulevard. Jones entered the fledgling animation industry in 1932 as a cel washer at Ubbe Iwerks Studio. He joined the Leon Schlesinger Studio (which was later sold to Warner Bros.) as an animator in 1936. There, Jones was assigned to the animation unit of Tex Avery. In 1938, at the age of 25, he directed his first animated film, "The Night Watchman." Jones remained at Warner Bros. Animation until it closed in 1962. He did a brief stint at Disney Studios during a hiatus at Warner Bros.

In 1966, while heading up the animation division at MGM Studios, Jones directed one of the most memorable holiday television specials ever produced, "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch stole Christmas." First aired on Sunday, December 18th, 1966, the half-hour special was met with glowing reviews from newspapers across the country and has since become one of the most beloved holiday programs on television.

Chuck Jones has become a true icon of creativity by directing animated shorts such as '"What's Opera, Dec?" (1957). This particular mini-epic featured a Wagnerian Elmer Fudd invoking the great elements against the cunning Bugs Bunny. On December 4th, 1942, "What's Opera, Doc?" tlb036.jpg (8956 bytes)became the first animated film ever to be inducted into the National Film Registry. This is an honor- that has been bestowed on only 1OO films to date. The reason far its induction was for being "among the most culturally, historically or aesthetically significant films of our time."

Now, at 83 years of age, Jones has enjoyed more than 60 years in the field of animation and is still hard at work. He has recently signed a new contract with Warner Bros. to create animated short subjects for theatrical release using the classic Warner Bros. characters. The first short released since signing the new contract was "Chariots of Fur," which was released in 1994 under the title of his production company, Chuck Jones Film Productions.

I would like to close with a quote from an article written by Chuck Jones which I have taken to heart:

"The first is that you must love what you are doing; the second is that you must be willing to do the often-dull and tiring work necessary to bring each creative endeavor to completion...and in that endeavor only the love should show.

It took [Charliej Chaplin more than 100 takes to teach a girl how to hand over a flower City Lights, 1931, and only the love showed.

tlb037.jpg (1481 bytes)Oh no! It’s a…Poll!
By Babs Bunny


Please take a few moments to answer these questions for me and send me the answers, by e-mail, to fgbh76c. Please pick only one choice for each question. Poll results will be in the next issue of the Looney Bin".

1. Out of the following list, who's your favorite "Looney Tunes" character?

  1. Daffy Duck
  2. Sylvester the Cat
  3. Foghorn Leghorn
  4. Wile E. Coyote e. Pepe LePew

Out of the following, which is your favorite line?

  1. "Hellooooooo Nurse!"
  2. "What's up, Doc?"
  3. "Oh, and I'm not?"
  4. "Sufferin' Succotash!"
  5. "Goodnight, everybody!"

3. Who's your favorite "pair"?

  1. Sylvester and Tweety
  2. Babs and Buster Bunny ("No relation" =))
  3. Pepe LePew and Penelope
  4. Punt and Rita
  5. Pinky and the Brain

4. Out of the following list, who's your favorite "Animaniacs" character?

  1. Dot
  2. Pinky
  3. Slappy
  4. Rita

5. If Babs and Buster weren't the "stars" of "Tiny Toon Adventures", who do you think would be the "star"?

  1. Plucky
  2. Hamton
  3. Fifi
  4. Shirley

6. Who's your favorite "lead" character?

  1. Bugs Bunny
  2. Yakko Warner
  3. Buster Bunny
  4. Brain

7. If Warner Bros. had to cancel every show except one, which one would you want them to keep?

  1. "Looney Tunes" ("The Bugs And Daffy Show")
  2. "Animaniacs"
  3. "Tiny Toon Adventures" (assuming that it'd be moved from cable to the WB network)
  4. "Pinky and the Brain"

8. What did you think of this poll?

  1. Loved it
  2. Hated it
  3. It was okay.
  4. I'm taking a poll????

Top Ten Reasons The Brain Wants To Take Over The World

By Sylvester

10) All the cheese he can eat!tlb038.jpg (7391 bytes)

9) He can find out a way to stop Pinky from saying narf.

8) Kids will no longer go to Chuck E. Cheese, when they can go to Brains House of Madness.

7) He can no longer tolerate Bill Clinton's proposal on mice termination.

6) His childhood will come back to him all over again.

5) He no longer is a preferred member of the Mouse Alliance, a cause which he loved dearly.

4) Afraid Pinky might smarten up one day and leave him.

3) Promises mice that they will live in harmony with humans, once they get rid of the bad ones.

2) He can finally tell Pinky that he is the best.

And the number one reason The Brain Wants to take over the world is:

1) Everyone will learn that he is indeed Mickey mouse's long lost cousin!!!!!!

That’s the top ten list for this month, hope you enjoyed!=)

tlb039.jpg (6751 bytes)Professor Taz’s Rules Of Spinning
Written by Taz. Edited by Babs.

1) Don't spin too fast, or you'll go straight down to China. It doesn't matter where you are, you could even be in China, and if you dig straight down, you'll wind up there.

2) Don't spin too slow, however, or you won't be able to spin through boulders, and you'll get an awful headache.

tlb0310.jpg (31837 bytes)

Special Mention To:
Babs(Linda) & Ron
Sylvester (Brian S.) and Jacque
Bugs (Brian C.) and Dot (Eileen)


If I missed any couples out there,
just e-mail me and I'll mention it
on the boards...

Special Thanks to:
Dot, Colin, Babs, Sylvester
(Come on, guys! We need
more member contributions!)

See You Next Issue!



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