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Letter From the Editor

Wow, it's our second issue already! I've gotta say it's been a lot of fun for me in putting this issue together. I'd like to thank my fellow club members for supporting The Looney Bin! and I hope to see articles, stories, quizzes and artwork coming in from everyone. Hope you enjoy this issue!

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SROTW (Supreme Ruler of the World)


Warner Bros. CEO Kidnapped
Dot Warner Suspected

The late afternoon of the 1st of April the CEO ordered all the funding for the "Animaniacs" show to be suspended. The Warner Brothers and Warner Sister rushed into the office by cannon through the window.

Yakko said, "Dot tried to be cutetlb022.jpg (3346 bytes) and sweet and started with the watery eyes routine. When that didn't work, Dot pulled a club out of Wakko’s bag. It was actually a club sandwich with ham, American, Swiss, cheddar and cottage cheese, mayo and mustard with those seeds that get stuck between your teeth." Wakko verified that. "Dot was going to beat him with it," continued Yakko. "But I was bagged and couldn’t use my x-ray goggles in time to see what happened." Wakko saw everything else. After an hour of bribing him with another 12 foot sandwich, he gave us the story. Burps were omitted from the dialogue. "Dot was furious. I was hungry so I fried two eggs and a sausage above her head. Just as she swung the club sandwich back to whack the CEO into the anti-world, she hits me and I was knocked silly. When I woke up, I was devastated. My sandwich was gone! ! ! Oh, Dot and the CEO disappeared also."

Dot Warner was held for questioning. After the police chief threatened to use "The Thingy" on her, Dot pleaded, "Please! No, not 'The Thingy'! It wasn't me! It was the laughing man. The Joker did it, I tell you. The Joker! ! ! Ha! Ha! Ha! " Police officials did find the joker, both of them in the deck of cards in the office.

With the help of the Warner Brothers, Yakko and Wakko, Batman was able to catch the real suspect. Yakko reveals the true story to us. "It wasn't Batman who hid in the Joker's sleeve. It wasn't Batman who knocked the Joker in the head with a mallet until we saw stars. It was I, Sir honorable handsome Yakko and Sir bottomless stomach Wakko...All Batsy did was just smack the cuffs on him taking allllllll the credit for his capture and obtaining the video tape of the kidnapping."

After Dot's release, the police chief personally apologized for their mistake.tlb023.jpg (5725 bytes) Dot dropped a 2 ton anvil on his head. He again apologized for their mistake. Dot dropped a 10 ton anvil on his head. Then saying "That should keep him quiet. Heeellllooooo Nurse!!! !" She jumped into the arms of our favorite police officer, who won the Best Looking Guy in the World Award, Officer Whatshisname.

The next day someone dropped a giant anvil on the police station. Luckily, Officer Whatshisname was on a coffee break while all the other officers were working in side.

By Nick Janceski

tlb024.jpg (3502 bytes)Oh no! A Tiny Toons Pop Quiz!
By Babs


Okay, which soda do you like better--Coke or Pepsi?...Seriously, though, I know it's been awhile since Tiny Toons was moved from Fox to Nickelodeon, but let's see how much you remember from the show...

1-7. Multiple choice:

1) Which of the following songs did Tiny Toons not have a music video of on "Tiny Toons Music Television"?

a. "Respect"

b. "Yakkety Yak"

c. "Twist and Shout"

d. "The Name Game"

2) Michigan J. Frog appeared on an episode of Tiny Toons as one of the characters' biology assignment. Which character was it?

  1. Hamton
  2. Plucky
  3. Babs
  4. Buster

3) Of the following, which character was not among the crew in the search for sea monkeys?

a. Buster

b. Fifi

c. Plucky

d. Hamton

4) What's the name of the bunny Babs baby-sits?

a. Mortimer

b. Duncan

c. Jake

d. Skippy

5) Who did Shirley turn Plucky into so that he could pass his math class?

a. Albert Einstein

b. Sigmund Freud

c. Galileo Galilei

d. Sir Isaac Newton

6) Which of the following did Baby Plucky not flush down the toilet? tlb025.jpg (8799 bytes)

  1. his diaper
  2. his dog
  3. his teddy bear
  4. his toy boat

7) Montana Max once "rented" a best friend. Who was that "best friend"?

a. Elmyra
b. Plucky
c. Buster
d. Hamton

8-14. Write out the answers to the following questions

8) Give one of Buster's rules for procrastinating (putting things off):

9) Dizzy's eyes are two different colors. Name one of them:

tlb026.jpg (8501 bytes)10) Name one of the couples that went to the prom: 12) What was the name of Acme Loo's rival school?

11) What was the name of Acme Loo’s rival school?

12) Name one of the students at that school:

13) What did ACAFC stand for?

14) Besides the ones named in question #1, give the title of another song that TTMTV had a music video for:



By Buster Bunny(Scott Goldberg)

Yes, it's true! The people at Warner Bros. decided it was time for a new WE Store. It opened almost a month ago and it is a huge success. The WE Store has a lot of item's including Tiny Toon T-shirt's, Looney Toon Hat's and of course Space Jam merchandise. The WB Store has 8 level's of merchandise. I ran inside the store and looked up! " Whoa! " I said as I ran into the elevator and went up to the top floor. I got off the elevator and looked over the rail and I was so high up, anyone could have gotten a nosebleed! This store was one of the best stores I have ever been to! And if you love Animaniacs, you're in for a big treat! One of the floor's is filled with Animaniacs merchandise! Also, I do believe that the 3rd floor is filled with Space Jam merchandise. So, on your Winter Vacation, come on down to New York City and check out the WB Store! It's just a hop away from where I live!

Answers to the Animaniacs Quiz from Issue #1

 1) Rita scratched b) "humans stink" on the wall of the cell in "When Rita Met Runt".

2) All three have been plans by Pinky and the Brain to take over the world, so the answer is d) none of the above.

3) Slappy's neighbor in "I Got Yer Can" was a) Candi Chipmunk. tlb027.jpg (7070 bytes)

4) "Mermaid Mindy" chased b) a jellyfish.

5) The Goodfeathers told the owl they were c) macaroni birds.

6) Katie Ka-boom has never overreacted about a) a sweater she needed to wear or d) a bad hair day.

8) The name of the sociologist who wanted the Hip Hippos to move back to the jungle was named d) Gina Embryo, but if Jane Allgood (a) sounds familiar, it's because she was the one studying Tai and his family in "Taz-mania".

9) The Flame played a part in both the writing (and signing) of the Declaration of Independence, and the ride of Paul Revere, so the answer is d) both a & c.

10) "The Chairman of the Bored's whole story was about cheese balls (not just at first).

11-15) Matching song titles with cartoons:

11)"Flat in Gay Paree" was in d) "Les Miseranimals".

12) "Scorsese's Head" was in a) "West Side Pigeons".

13) "Writin' Hooey" was in e) "Roll Over, Beethoven".

14) "If I Were a Godpigeon" was in b) "Pigeon on the Roof'.

15) "You'll Never Laugh Alone" was in c) "Clown and Out".

16-19) Writing down the original titles of the songs the following parodies:

16) "Flat in Gay Paree" parodies "Castle on a Cloud" from "Les Miserables".

17) "Scorsese's Head" parodies "America" from "West Side Story".

18) "Writin' Hooey" parodies "Makin' Whoopee" from "Sleepless in Seattle".

19) "if I Were the Godpigeon" parodies "If I Were a Rich Man".

And finally, Slappy's theme song..."She's a

(20) cranky old critter. She's bitter, we warn ya. She lives in a

(21) tree house in Burbank, California. Along with her nephew, he says

(22) "spew", he's cheerful. When his aunt starts to rant, she gives him an earful. She's

(23) grumpy, he's

(24) happy, it's generation

(25) gappy. Take a whirl with the squirrels, Skippy and Slappy!..."*

Babs would like to thank Ron (her boyfriend, a.k.a. Keeper) for correcting her on question #10, and for having the lyrics to Slappy's theme in his mega-lyrics file. =)

tlb028.jpg (6840 bytes)Special Thanks To:

Babs, Buster, Nick Janceski (Dot’s friend), Yakko, Sylvester and Dot

Yakko Rocks!
If anyone is interested in a full page, color copy of this picture, e-mail Yakko at Include your name and address and it will be mailed to you.


Issue #01

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