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General WB Toon Trivia (08/99)

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1. Who does the voice of Jimmy Olsen on Superman: TAS?

Dana Delany
George Dzunda
Googy Gress
David Kaufman

2. Name one other voice he has done on Kids WB.

Dexter Douglas
Tim Drake
Peter Lorre
Granny Goodness

3. Name two episodes of A! that Minerva Mink has appeared in (Cameos count)?

Moon Over Minerva, Drive Insane
The Macadamia Nut, Meatballs or Consequences
Hercule Yakko, Mighty Wakko at the Bat
Meet Minerva, Drive Insane

4. Name two Batman characters who did NOT originally appear in the comics before showing up in the toon.

Harley and Lock Up
Amos 'n' Andy
Firefly and The Mad Hatter
Baby Doll and Scar Face

5. The MiB toon series/movie is based on a comic originally owned by which comic book company?

DC Comics
Kitchen Press

6. How many Daytime Emmy Awards has Tiny Toon Adventures won?


7. Don Messick did the voice of Hamton on TTA, name one other voice he has done for another animation company.

Andy Ant
Mighty Max
Atom Ant
Space Ghost

8. Who does the voice for Lex Luthor on Superman?

Gene Hackman
Will Smith
Don Messick
Clancy Brown

9. Who is The Brain's Arch-enemy?

Don Knotts

10. What did Pinky get Brain for Christmas?

A keychain shaped like the Earth
A globe
A book entitled, "How to Take Over the World in 12 Easy Steps!"
A fedora

11. What are the names of Harley's Hyenas?

Abbot and Costello
Brian and Eileen
Bud and Lou
Red and Fox

12. Name two of Harley's appearances in the old show.

The Terrible Trio, Harley and Ivy
Joker's Favor, The Laughing Fish
The Trial, Perchance to Dream
House and Garden, Christmas With The Joker

13. What was Harley's profession before she became Joker's partner in crime.

Clinical psychiatrist

14. Name the episode in which Harley and Poison Ivy team up.

House and Garden
Harley's Holiday
Harley and Ivy

15. What is Harley's full name?

Harleen Quinzel
Eileen Delgadillo
Pamela Isley
Arleen Sorkin


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