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WB Cartoons of the 1940's (06/99)

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1. The first Pepe LePew cartoon, "Odor-Able Kitty came out in 1945. What is different about it from the cartoons that follow in this series?

Pepe is revealed to be married with children
Pepe is faking his French accent
The cat Pepe is chasing is a MALE cat
All of the above

2. Celebrity caricatures were prominent in Warner Bros. cartoons of the forties. In "Ain't That Ducky" (1945), the celebrity even voices his caricature. Who is it?

Jack Benny
Victor Moore
Peter Lorre
Jack Carson

3. Which of these cartoons does not end with a cameo appearance by Bugs Bunny?

"Crazy Cruise (1942)"
"Porky Pig's Feat" (1943)
"The Goofy Gophers" (1947)
"Hop, Look & Listen" (1948)

4. Chuck Jones' mouse character, Sniffles, made his last appearance in "Hush My Mouse" (1946). The cartoon is a parody of what popular radio program?

The Great Gildersleeve
Amos 'n' Andy
Duffy's Tavern
Baby Snooks

5. What prevents Bugs Bunny's plane from crashing into the ground at the end of "Falling Hare" (1943)?

The plane runs out of gas, causing it to stop in mid-air.
Air brakes, which stops the plane in mid-air.
Hare tonic (the label says "stops falling hare") is poured into the engine, causing the plane etc.
The film "breaks."

6. Who voiced the mischievous mice Hubie & Bertie in their debut cartoon, "The Aristo-Cat" (1943)?

Mel Blanc & Arthur Q. Bryan
Bugs Hardaway & Pinto Colvig
Michael Maltese & Tedd Pierce
Mel Blanc & Stan Freberg

7. What self-help book is Catstello the mouse shown reading at the end of "The Mouse-Merized Cat" (1946)?

"How To Win Friends & Influence People"
"Live Alone & Like It"
"The Power of Positive Thinking"
"Think & Grow Rich"

8. Before he was "Stupor Duck" in 1956, Daffy performed superheroic deeds in which of these wartime cartoons?

"Plane Daffy" (1944)
"Slightly Daffy" (1944)
"Scrap Happy Daffy" (1943)
"Draftee Daffy" (1945)

9. In Bob Clampett's classic "Book Revue" (1946), who is Daffy impersonating as he sings "Carolina In The Morning"?

Danny Kaye
Bert Gordon as "The Mad Russian"
Ish Kabibble
Artie Auerbach as "Mr. Kitzel"

10. In the second Foghorn Leghorn cartoon, "Crowing Pains" (1947), Henery Hawk disguises himself as an egg to catch his prey. At one point, this causes the barnyard dog to think he's laid an egg. The dog says, "I just takes one step, and presto! I lays an egg!" Cut to a shot of a female duck, as her little ducklings endlessly march past her in the background. Finish her line: "Presto, and he lays an egg--"

"What a revolting development this is!"
"Something new has been added!"
"Mr. Anthony, I have a problem."
"And to think, for fifteen years I've been doing it the hard way."


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