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The Pinky & the Brain Quiz (02/99)

This Quiz is available for testing your knowledge.
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Thanks go out to Craig Marinaro for writing up this quiz!

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1. What did the sign that Brain was holding say in "A Meticulous Analysis of History"?

You are my slave
I made you pause the tape
I made you use the freeze-frame button on your VCR
Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

2. According to the end credits, which is *NOT* a real word?


3. Aside from Bill Clinton, Christopher Walken has probably appeared more times than any other real person on the show. Choose which of the following identities he *HAS NOT* assumed.

"Wally Faust"

4. How many times was Pinky actually pondering what Brain was pondering?

Four Times
Five Times

5. Who were Pinky & the Brain caricatured after?

Eric Idle & Orson Welles
Laurel & Hardy
Eddie Fitzgerald & Tom Minton
Rob Paulsen & Maurice LaMarche

6. In "Plan Brain from Outer Space", whom was Zalgar originally to be caricatured after, and who was to be the voice?

Eric Idle, Rob Paulsen
Rowin Atkinson, Maurice LaMarche
Bela LuGosi, Jim Cummings
Chris Walken, voice would still have been Jeff Glenn Bennett

7. In the original model sheets, one of the many differences is that the mice wore (!) clothes. These were:

T-shirts and jeans and Pinky wore a backwards cap
Lab coats and Pinky wore glasses
Capes and Brain wore a fedora
Mickey Mouse hats and Pinky wore yellow shoes

8. In the opening titles, 'THX-1138' represents...

Theodore Horacio Xavier, a storyboard artist, whose home address was 1138.
A student film by Spielberg.
A student film by Quentin Tarantino.
A student film by George Lucas

9. What does Brain write on the blackboard in the opening titles?


10. Which of these Animaniacs cast members did *NOT* appear in the Pinky & the Brain series finale, "Star Warners".

Slappy Squirrel
Minerva Mink


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