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Welcome to the WBC's Quiz Page!

It's time to test your WB Cartoon Knowledge!

Current Quiz:
General WB Toons Quiz (August '99)
Author: Harley
Previous Quizzes:
WB Cartoons of the 1940s (June '99)
Author: Plopkat
The Pinky and the Brain Quiz (February '99)
Author: Craig Marinaro
The Animaniacs Quiz (November)
Author: Harley
The Superman Quiz (August)
Author: Harley


If you would like to write up a quiz for the WBC, send your submission in for consideration to Harley. You will receive full credit for your work and if you have a home page, we will gladly link to it. The quiz must be in the following format:

  • 10 Questions

  • 4 Possible Answers for each question (only one correct, of course)

  • A list of the correct answers for the quiz

  • Please see previous quizzes for proper format as well, just in case I forgot to include anything in here.

On another note, for the time being, I'm taking away the prize winning aspect of the WBC's Quiz section. The winner of the last competition is Kimberly Jo Wallen and she has won a Wind Blitz Batgirl figure from the Batman and Robin line of toys. Congrats! I have sent an e-mail to you regarding your prize!

Got questions?
E-mail Harley!

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