Sylvester the Cat

Title: Asst. to the Supreme Ruler of the World & Special Friend.

Real Name: Brian S.

Other Nickname: Mortimer

Favorite Cartoon: Animaniacs, Bobby's World.

Favorite Comic Strip: Garfield, Peanuts, For Better or Worse.

Favorite TV Show: ER, Friends

Favorite Non-Animated Movie: Independence Day

Favorite Animated Movie: Aladdin

Favorite Quote: "I'm an Action Figure!"---From Hercules.

Brian's currently attending Roger Williams University in Rhode Island, where he plans to major in communications. Upon graduation, he hopes to work in TV and film, so that he can make all the fun movies you'll love. In his spare time away from school and working, Brian likes to draw, read, use his computer, swim, and collect Disney memorabilia and animation collectibles. He also enjoys spending time with his girlfriend, Jacque. On a final note, he would like to say that he's an avid fan of the San Francisco 49ers. Hey, so they lost their chance for the Super Bowl last season! I can deal with it!

Bios of His Cartoon Selves:

Sylvester the Cat (of Looney Tunes) does one thing in his life--chase mice! He also is known to chase and try to catch Tweety. He lives in Acme Acres and teaches at Acme Looniversity when he is not starring in a movie or TV show. He is exceptionally proud of his son Junior, who will someday become one of the greatest mouse catchers in the world right next to his dad.

Mortimer (of Tiny Toon Adventures) is the younger brother of Babs. Mortimer hopes to follow in his sister's footsteps and become famous one day. At the WBC, he loves to play baseball, and loves chocolate carrot ice cream.