The Siren

Name: Beth

Location: Colorado

Favorite Cartoons: Pinky and the Brain, Animaniacs, Challenge of the GoBots, Old School Daffy Duck shorts, Aladdin the Series (don't laugh), and a bunch of others.

Favorite Non-Cartoon movie: Anything by Mel Brooks

Favorite Cartoon movie: Robin Hood (Disney 1973)

Favorite Quotes:

"A recession is when your neighbor loses his job.  A depression is when you lose yours."--Ronald Reagan

"Early to rise and early to bed, makes a man wealthy, but socially dead."--Rob Paulsen (as Yakko Warner)

"Old McDonald had a farm...and now he's a clown!!"--Rob Paulsen (as Pinky)

When not surfing the web, The Siren is hoping to pursue a career in voice over and/or other acting. She graduated from college with a BA in Communication Arts in May 1999.  She also enjoys singing, and collecting, especially Pinky and the Brain, Robin Hood, and Iago from Aladdin items.  Her best friends are those at the WBC, and she can't wait to meet them all in person!!