Name: Craig Andrew Crumpton

Age: 29 (July 17, 1971)

Nicknames: Gookie, Voiceroy, Craigers, Crumpty-Dumpty, Homer (on account of my perpetual 5 o'clock shadow) Scooby Doo, Batman, Pinky & the Brain

Hobbies: Movies; DVDs; animated cartoons; voice actors; voice acting; writing; reading; collectibles based on animated cartoons; toonzone.net; video games (1st person shooters; real time strategy combat; flight sim combat; graphical adventures); editing at dmoz.org; hosting the "Voice Actor Appreciation" group; cartoon & movie soundtracks; chicken

Favorite Sports Teams: I don't really care for watching sports, I'd rather play. I like watching hockey though. Otherwise, the only team I keep tabs on anymore is the St. Louis Cardinals. Still have a few favorite players: Ozzie Smith; David Robinson; Spud Webb.

Favorite Cartoons: Pinky & The Brain, Freakazoid!; Looney Tunes (especially any with Daffy); Batman; Transformers; The Powerpuff Girls; The Pink Panther; Animaniacs; Fractured Fairy Tales; Dexter's Laboratory; Space Ghost: Coast-to-Coast

Favorite TV Shows (other than cartoons): The X-Files; The Avengers; Wild, Wild West; The Twilight Zone; Faulty Towers; The Muppet Show; Star Trek TOS and TNG; The Incredible Hulk; Alf; Everybody Loves Raymond; The Daily Show; Unhappily Ever After; The Pretender; MST3K; Mad TV; The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Favorite Movies: The Princess Bride (1987); The Shawshank Redemption (1994); The Last of the Mohicans (1992); Star Wars (favorite - The Empire Strikes Back - 1980); Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982); Pink Panther Movies (with Peter Sellers actually in them); Planes, Trains & Automobiles (1987); Hook (1991); James Bond Movies (Sean Connery preferred, Timothy Dalton not); the Disney classics "Treasure Island" (1950), "Island at the Top of the World" (1974) and "Blackbeard's Ghost" (1968); Jurassic Park (1993); Willie Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971); Indiana Jones Trilogy; anything Monty Python; Legend (1985)); Young Frankenstein (1974); The Muppet Movie (1979); Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986); The Matrix (1999); X-Men (2000); Army of Darkness (1993); Unbreakable (2000); Gladiator (2000); The Patriot (2000)

Favorite Animated Movies (in descending order): The Iron Giant (1999); The Emperor's New Groove (2000); Chicken Run (2000); Beauty & The Beast (1991); Robin Hood (1973); The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993); Toy Story 2 (2000); Alice In Wonderland (1951); Toy Story (1995); The Hobbit (1978); Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker (2000); Transformers: The Movie (1986); Lady & The Tramp (1955); Anastasia (1997); Rescuers Down Under (1990); Shrek (2001); The Little Mermaid (1989); The Lion King (1994)

Favorite Celebrity Hotties: Alyssa Milano; Nikki Cox; Denise Richards; Heather Graham; Charlize Theron; Heather Locklear; Vanessa Marcil; Jessica Alba; Selma Blair; Rebecca Gayheart; Tiffani Thiessen; Latetia Casta; Shannon Elizabeth; Minnie Driver; Courtney Cox; Irene Jacob; Gillian Anderson; Christie Brinkley; Phoebe Cates; Danica McKellar; Kari Wuhrer; Cameron Diaz; Amanda Detmer; Teri Hatcher; Melissa Joan Hart; Jennifer Connelly; Jaime Pressly; Joan Severance; Kirsten Dunst; Donna D'Errico; Shania Twain; Mariah Carey; Faith Hill; Catherine Zeta-Jones; Rebecca Romjin, Alyson Hannigan

Favorite Comedians: Peter Sellers; Red Skelton; Jonathan Winters; Jim Carrey; Steve Martin; Nicole Sullivan; John Lithgow; Gillbert Gottfried; Bill Cosby; Janeane Garofalo; Tracy Ullman; Will Smith; Martin Short; Chris Farley; Carol Burnett; Monty Python; The 3 Stooges; Gene Wilder; Tim Conway; Rowan Atkinson; Phil Hartman; Chris Tucker; Stephen Wright; John Cleese

Favorite Dramatic and/or Character Actors (you figure it out): Kenneth Branagh; Harrison Ford; Peter Sellers; Jim Varney; Don Knotts; Peter Sellers; Danny Kaye; David Warner; Sam Neil; Michelle Pfeiffer; Walter Matthau; William H. Macy; Robin Williams; Annie Potts; Tim Robbins; Peter Ustinov; Sandra Bullock; Diana Rigg; James Garner; John Malkovich; Minnie Driver; Morgan Freeman; Bruce Campbell; Maura Tierney; Christopher Lloyd; Sandra Bullock; James Earl Jones; Gene Hackman; Cary Elwes; Kellie Martin; Lea Thompson; Tim Curry; Ricardo Montalban; Laurence Fishburne; Jeffrey Jones; Sean Connery; Patrick Stewart; Anthony Hopkins; Denzel Washington; Samuel L. Jackson; Peter Lorre; Clint Eastwood

Absolutely Non-Favorite Things: Phone commercials on TV; telemarketing & opinion surveys; anything described as "hot new"; Keanu Reaves; Pauly Shore; David Arquette; Eggs; the college I used to attend; cheesy pop music (particularly "boy bands")

Favorite Authors: Dave Barry; Garrison Keillor; Mark Twain; O. Henry; Ogden Nash; Ray Bradbury; Michael Crichton; Douglas Adams; J.R.R. Tolkien; Frank Peretti; Max Lucado; C.S. Lewis; H.G. Wells; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle; Timothy Zahn

Favorite Artists/Cartoonists/Animators: Alex Ross; Frank Cho; Bill Waterson; Gary Larson; Ben Edlund; Steve Purcell; Ty Templeton; Bill Kopp; Tom Ruegger; Frank Paur; Ron DiCianni; Charles Schultz; Bruce Timm; Chuck Jones; Tex Avery; Don Bluth; Will Vinton; Peter Lord/Nick Park; Fleischer Bros; Friz Freleng

Guilty Pleasures: Comedy Central's "The Man Show"; MTV's "The Tom Green Show"; Baskin-Robbins Mocca Blast; ABC's "The View"; Beavis & Butt-head; Busta Rhymes; South Park's Cartman; watching music videos of Britney Spears with the sound muted; Cheese.

I am my own worst critic and my own worst enemy.
I can't afford to be nostalgic.
If I had a girlfriend, I probably wouldn't collect toys.
If you've seen it once, you'll see it again.
Rarely is anything so urgent that it has to be done immediately.
Don't get worked up over petty concerns.
Never go grocery shopping when you're hungry.
Don't over-extend yourself.
The fewer responsibilities you have, the freer you are to do what you enjoy.
Don't allow people to take advantage of your generosity - real friends don't take advantage of their friends.
Never feel "obligated" to do favors for other people.
Never convenience yourself at another's expense, and never exploit others to advance yourself or it will come back later and bite you in the ass.
The best cure for depression is to do things for other people. If you're thinking about others' needs, it's nigh impossible to think about yourself.

Things about myself I wish I could change: Indecisiveness; prevent hair loss; obsessive-compulsiveness; procrastination; lack of self-motivation; having too many "favorite" things.

Those Whose Work I Admire Greatly (and have influenced me in some way): Jesus Christ (in a class by Himself); Debra Young (college professor); Mr. Berry (college voice teacher); John McFarlane (high school principal); Clay Crumpton (my dad); Jim Henson; Edgar Bergen; Frank Oz; Paul Dini; Paul Rugg; Bill Kopp; Jonathan Winters; Billy Joel; Keith Lancaster; Rich Mullins; Chuck Jones; Ray Bradbury; Mel Blanc, Jim Cummings; Frank Welker; Peter Cullen; June Foray; Tress MacNeille; Daws Butler; Christine Cavanaugh; Rob Paulsen; Maurice LaMarche; Mary Kay Bergman; Patrick Fraley; Charlie Adler; Corey Burton; Jeff Bennett; Jeff Bergman; Neil Ross