Name: Colin Feder

Favorite Cartoon: TTA, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Batman, Pinky & the Brain

Favorite TV Shows: ST: DS9, ST: Voyager, Sliders, MTV's Total Request Live, Boy Meets World, MTV's After Hours, VH1's Insomniac Music Theatre

Favorite Live Action Movie: Armageddon, the Batman movies

Favorite Animated Movies: The Fox & the Hound, The Lion King

Favorite Actresses: Jeri Ryan, Nicole deBoer, Sandra Bullock

Favorite Actor: Chris O'Donnell

  I am a second year student at Lycoming College. My major is currently Computer Science. I spend lots of time in the computer labs, mainly because I am a Lab Monitor. I know IBMs very well, and Macs, kinda... I enjoy spending time with my friends, both online, and those around me. When I am back home in New Jersey, usually on break from school) I am an Ice Cream Distribution Specialist. I also like to sleep late, spend time with my friends, and shopping at Walmart! How did I live with out a Walmart?!??