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"Voltron" Movie is Out on DVD, and Available Online (UPDATED 6/25)

by on June 25, 2007

Tvshowsondvd.com reports that the Voltron Movie Fleet of Doom is coming out on DVD this Tuesday. The bad news is, the film is on sale exclusively at the webstore on Voltron.com.

King Zarkon and Viceroy Throk forms a new armada to rule the galaxy, and its up to both the Lion and Vehicle versions of Voltron to stop them. However, Prince Lotor has created a Robeast version of the Lion Force Voltron. Can both forces stop it?

The DVD also has bonus features like original series openers, and man on the street interviews.

Updated 6/25:

Tvshowsondvd.com reports that the order date is on July 6th due to printing issues.

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