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Transformers Prime – “Persuasion” – Episode 63 Recap

by on July 15, 2013

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Megatron tries to convince Ratchet to finalize the Synthetic Energon to recreate Cybertron.

With only two episodes left, “Persuasion” relinquishes the usual brand of action in favor of build up. Stuff happens, but in tiny increments and a whole lot of it is really just padding until the final conclusion.

Predaking’s not getting any calmer and his hostility towards the Autobots is rapidly increasing. Raf gets a chance to shine when he constructs a tool to locate Ratchet. His lament over the bot’s disappearance is believable and heartfelt. The Decepticons discover the Autobot base, but any tension that could have had suffers when they pull yet another fake out when they blow up one base but leave its surroundings intact out of blind assumption that they got it right the first time. It really kills the drama.

A lot of the meat centers solely on Megatron and Ratchet’s interaction and though it’s mostly just to kill time until the big reveal, a couple of scenes stuck with me. Questionable logic or not, I’ll give Megatron this: he’s not afraid of admitting his viciousness. Of course he wants Cybertron and of course he’ll continue the war. Yes, he’ll likely kill Ratchet after all is said and done, but he’s got guts to admit he’s a treacherous, powerful jerk in front of the one guy he needs for his plans. Megatron isn’t sugarcoating anything nor attempting to manipulate Ratchet; he wants Cybertron. After that it’s business as usual, but at least they will have a home. It’s that simple. Megatron’s honesty shows an understanding that belittling Ratchet will only get him nowhere; addressing the concerns that Ratchet has is the key.

Ratchet reacted exactly as I expected him to: he resists until he’s ultimately convinced. He desires a resurrected Cybertron, too. Perhaps this time it will be different now that the Autobots and Decepticons know better than to trash it a second time. Now the question remains, will they succeed?