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The Looney Tunes Show – “The Float” Recap

by on November 23, 2011

After having his parade float destroyed by taking it to the car wash, Daffy decides to swindle Porky out of all of his money in order to selfishly buy himself a yacht in order to replace his parade float.

I’ve always seen that this series has its ups and downs when it comes to executing a well written plot. This episode started out great, but it slowly crashed down and exploded into a complete disappointment. The episode starts off with Daffy losing his Parade Float, which is something he is personally very attached to. So seeing that idea put in, you would think we would see more of a sad episode for Daffy. The episode even shows him crying over this situation, which makes you feel very sorry for what he just gone through. But no, instead Daffy was only crying so Bugs would make him a new float and he suddenly decides to become a big selfish jerk (even more than he has been). He tricks Porky into giving him all of his money so he can buy himself a yacht.

You know, I might of found this idea to be slightly amusing if it wasn’t for the fact that the writers have already done so many selfish Daffy episodes that it makes me kind of sick. I love Daffy as a character for his selfish motives, but seeing every main conflict involving Daffy being a jerk week by week just gets way too repetitive. You can literally look at all the episode summaries of this series so far, and most of their conflicts have to do with Daffy.  It’s really a big shame that the writers didn’t just go with the idea of Daffy personally losing something that he loved and take a actual interesting route with it.

The only single positive note that I really have for this episode is Porky standing up to Daffy after he found out that he tricked him. Seeing the little guy literally beat Daffy to death while Bugs watches was one of the best laughs I got out of this series so far. To me, Porky beating up Daffy symbolizes how much less Daffy we need right now. This series has so many great characters to work with and I just don’t understand why they can’t use those other characters as the main conflict, without dragging Daffy into center stage almost every single time.

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