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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Car” Recap

by on February 7, 2012

“When their ball falls into Mr. Robinson’s lawn, Darwin and Gumball use it as an opportunity to show their affection for their neighbor. However, things soon get out of control when Mr. Robinson’s new car is accidentally destroyed.”

Early last year, I had the opportunity to watch some snippets of this show in advance of the premiere. Everything that I saw aired shortly thereafter, with the exception of two scenes from this episode. I’m glad that it finally aired and I believe that it was worth the wait. Now, I have expressed in the past that I have mixed feelings about Gumball and Darwin’s strange obsession with Mr. Robinson, as it reminds me far too much of SpongeBob and Patrick’s strange obsession with Squidward – the targets of their affection both despise them, yet they can never seem to get the message. It’s not enough to make me dislike episodes that involve the boys attempting to earn his favor, such as “The Debt” and this episode, but I would like them to do more with these characters in order to make their dynamics more interesting. That said, I believe that this episode was fairly entertaining.

Following in the footsteps of the boys’ improbable wish fulfillment in “The Wand”, a lot of this episode’s humor early on stemmed from their unlikely completion of the tasks that Mr. Robinson assigned to them, meant as punishment but perceived as reward. What I liked most of all is the fact that – however briefly – Gumball and Darwin’s blind devotion to Mr. Robinson actually started to convince him that they were not the annoying pests that he perceived them to be. It’s a shame that feeling didn’t last for very long, with the destruction of the car, but I’d like to see him continue to warm up to the boys in season two. The rest of the Wattersons also got in on the action. What I liked most is that we got to see another side of Anais, as she actually behaved like a child, guilt-tripping her mother, instead of just being “über intelligent” like normal. Richard even got in a few jokes without going overboard, permitting the episode to end on a much unexpected joke. I’ve always contended that episodes are better off when the entire family is involved and this episode serves as another testament to that.

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