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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “Halloween” Recap

by on October 24, 2012

It’s Halloween and instead of trick-or-treating, Gumball decides to take his siblings to the biggest party in town. The caveat: it’s a ghost party, and only ghosts are allowed in. With Carrie’s help they find a way to become ghosts, but events soon begin to spiral out of control.

This episode marked the first special for The Amazing World Of Gumball and while it was only a regular length episode, I am confident that it lived up to expectations. It succeeded primarily because of the strength of its characters. For example Carrie, one of the more popular characters in the show, was once again used to the best of her abilities. It’s nice to see the characters hang out with one another and interact in a casual fashion, which was one of the strengths of “The Flower”, and I’m pleased to see this trend continue. Perhaps some people will be disappointed to learn that she was born a ghost, as there had been indicators in the past that implied otherwise and they were hoping to learn more about her former life. But given the whimsical nature of Elmore, I suspected as much. The fact that Darwin has a crush on her, however, is something that came out of nowhere and took many people by surprise. I know a lot of fans were hoping to see his crush on Rachel continue, but at this point we don’t know if Rachel will ever get another prominent role again.

I would have liked to see Anais get a larger role in this episode, and her being denied an opportunity to get in on the ghostly antics was unfortunate. She did become a ghost, but we saw little of this and she instead needed rescuing shortly after coming into contact with the potion. I like Anais, she can be a fun character, but I think she needs to be able to do more than she has been allowed to do. She has a mischievous side and would probably have loved to join in on the pranks that her brothers were pulling as ghosts, so I can’t help but wonder about what could have been. At least she seems to have a large role in the next episode, “The Treasure”, so we’ll see how that goes. I don’t mind the lack of other characters, but Richard did have a brilliant moment in the beginning where he was scaring kids in order to eat their dropped candy while Nicole went back to being the dedicated protector that I prefer her being. We also got our first good look at Tina’s updated design, which I found very impressive. I think most people have embraced the show’s updated designs, but there are still a few characters that we’ve yet to get a good look at and it’ll be interesting to compare the two seasons once that happens. All in all, I would consider this special to be a great success, and while it was lacking in some areas, it excelled in others. I’m looking forward to the Christmas special later this year.

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