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The Amazing World Of Gumball – “The Voice” Recap

by on September 16, 2013


When Darwin and Gumball receive a threatening message on Elmore Plus, they decide to apologize to everybody that they have wronged in order to put their minds at ease. Will it be enough to stop their tormentor?

Gumball Voice 1

While I’m not happy with how often Gumball has had its airing date changed this season, I am glad that its quality has remained consistent. This was another great episode, and once again it focused on a side-character that many people wouldn’t have even considered. William, the floating eyeball, has barely done much of anything prior to this episode. He was supposed to be Miss Simian’s favorite student and the one who keeps tabs on the other kids for her, but it seems like that has been dropped for the time being. Instead, he’s an incredibly powerful telekinetic who is suffering because everybody always acts weirdly towards him and then ignores him. It turns out that the reason for this is that he can’t talk, and having him come to grips with this and realize the damage that he has done at the end was a nice touch. I just wish they didn’t go with yet another Adventure Time type of sudden ending.

Gumball Voice 2

This was also a very funny episode. Gumball tends to rely on slapstick more than other shows, but this episode was more funny with its dialogue. There were a lot of puns, which may have irk some people, but I loved the clever wordplay. Even the little comments that the other characters left on Elmore Plus, which were only visible for a few seconds, were enough to get a chuckle out of me. Tobias’ rant about how he feels like a side-character in his own life was also amusing, as was the scene that followed it. I truly believe that that this season has been far funnier as of late than the show ever was in season one, and I am thankful for that. I suppose if I had any complaint, it’s that I’d have liked to see Gumball spend more time apologizing to his friends. They rushed it at the end, and even acknowledged in the show that they were rushing it, but I realize the constraints that exist within an eleven minute episode. That said, I greatly enjoyed this episode and I’m looking forward to the next one.