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Orson Welles to Narrate CG/Live-Action Hybrid Movie Posthumously

by Ed Liuon March 29, 2010
A recently discovered vocal narration track recorded by the late Orson Welles will be used as the basis for Christmas Tails, a 3-D live-action/CGI animated movie being produced by Drac Studios (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), according to a report in the Hollywood Reporter. Welles, who passed away in 1985, recorded the track as […]

Toonzone Interviews Bill Farmer, Michael-Leon Wooley, & Jennifer Cody @ D23 Party

by Jeffrey Harrison March 20, 2010
D23 Anniversary Party (photo by Jeffrey Harris) On March 10, the Walt Disney Company held a private party for D23 members at the Disneyland theme park in Anaheim to commemorate the first anniversary of D23. After the park closed, Disney held a special ceremony at the magic castle. Then the Disney staff allowed members to […]

Daily Record Talks with John Ratzenberger on Pixar, "Cheers," and Bagpipes

by Ed Liuon February 24, 2010
Scotland’s Daily Record has posted a brief profile on John Ratzenberger, focusing heavily on his 15-year career as a voice on every single Pixar feature film made to date, as well as on his past life as the barfly Cliff Claven on the hit sitcom Cheers and his sideline playing the side drum with a […]

Gina Torres on Being Superwoman for "Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths"

by Ed Liuon February 23, 2010
Warner Home Video has released another press release interview in conjunction with the release of Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths on DVD, Blu-ray, and On Demand services. The subject of this interview is Gina Torres, the actor who puts a sexy spin on the evil Superwoman. Among other topics, Torres reveals the ways that […]

Sakura Con 2010 announces Mayumi Tanaka as Guest of Honor

by Jacob T. Paschalon February 16, 2010
Sakura Con has confirmed via their website that Mayumi Tanaka will be the guest of honor for their 2010 convention. Tanaka is well known for her roles in various Japanese animation including Dragon Ball, One Piece, and Castle in the Sky. Sakura Con will run across the weekend of April 2-4, 2010, at the Washington […]

Dee Bradley Baker Interviewed by Burbank Leader on "Handy Manny," "Clone Wars"

by Ed Liuon February 9, 2010
Voice actor Dee Bradley Baker is the subject of a profile in the Burbank Leader. Topics discussed include his role as the grouchy screwdriver Turner in Handy Manny, his role as all the clone troopers in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and how his kids are getting better at identifying which voices are his when […]

Toonzone Interviews Rick Wasserman on Voicing "Planet Hulk"

by Ed Liuon February 2, 2010
Over the years, there have been many actors who have portrayed Marvel’s Incredible Hulk on screens large and small. Rick D. Wasserman can now join their ranks as the voice of the Hulk in Planet Hulk, a new direct-to-video movie from Marvel Animation Studios now available on DVD, Blu-ray disc, and various on-demand services. The […]

R.I.P. Daisuke Gôri (1952-2010)

by Jacob T. Paschalon January 18, 2010
Japanese voice actor Daisuke Gôri (real name Yoshio Nagahori) was found dead on January 17, 2010, with blood dripping from his wrist. A knife and last will were found nearby leading the police to investigate the death as a suicide. The deep voiced Mr. Gôri was well known by Dragon Ball fans for his roles […]

Variety on Absent Awards for Voice Actors

by Ed Liuon January 15, 2010
Variety has taken note of the lack of recognition for voice acting performances even as all types of animated movies gain traction at the box office and among awards voters. The article quotes veteran actor Keith David, who portrayed a cat in the stop-motion Coraline and the villainous Dr. Facilier in the hand-drawn The Princess […]

Toonzone Presents: A Roundtable Interview with Adam Reed & Aisha Tyler on "Archer"

by Ed Liuon January 14, 2010
Toonzone News was able to participate in an hourlong roundtable interview over the phone with Adam Reed, creator of Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo, about his new show Archer, premiering on FX on January 14, 2010. With him was Aisha Tyler, actor and comedian who plays Agent Lana Kane. AHMAD CHILDRESS/CRAVE ONLINE: I was wondering […]