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Street Fighter Set To Become A TV Series

by Alex Beanon March 23, 2018
Canadian-based media company eOne has secured a deal to make a television series adaptation of the venerable “Street Fighter” video game series franchise. The TV series version of the game will follow the game’s World Warrior story-arc from “Street Fighter II: The World Warrior” – the sequel to the original arcade game – focusing on Ryu, […]

BLANKA’S gonna BONK YA! New Street Fighter V Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon February 12, 2018
Since Street Fighter V has been out for quite a while, where’s Blanka been hiding all that time? None of us know, but a newly released trailer from Capcom reveals our nation’s Blanka-less drought is at an end. How soon will the green giant come roaring into the game? The trailer, which depicts Blanka doing […]

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Street Fighter IV: Champion Edition Comes To Android This Month

by Peter Paltridgeon February 7, 2018
How many systems has Street Fighter IV appeared on since its introduction ten years ago? Like most SF incarnations it’s been revised in Super and Champion Edition versions, and now the biggest version is arriving on Android. What’s in it? According to Capcom: Fight as 32 Street Fighter characters including fan favorite and Android exclusive, […]

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Coming Next Year

by Peter Paltridgeon December 11, 2017
What does Capcom have planned for the third decade of video gaming’s most iconic fighting series? Ready for the ultimate tournament? As the original arcade Street Fighter game turns 30, Capcom is celebrating in style with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection. Twelve titles from the Street Fighter series, in their original arcade forms, will […]

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Why Akuma In Tekken 7 Is A Good Thing

by Todd Blackon February 4, 2017
Akuma, a name that is feared and respected by all who know the Street Fighter franchise. A man who is still shrouded in mystery to this day. And yet, he is one of the most famous, and powerful, villains in video game history. In a few months, he’ll official make his debut in the Tekken […]

Street Fighter Guile Trailer – No Need To Talk, Let’s Do This!

by Alex Beanon April 20, 2016
The Guile trailer for “Street Fighter” features the usual Street Fighter moves, noises and sounds plus the extra added bonus of a hilarious flattop hairdo… Video credit: Street Fighter

Japan Sumo Cup Showdown – Street Fighter Edition

by Alex Beanon November 25, 2015
Capcom has combined horse racing and sumo wrestling with the Street Fighter video game to promote the upcoming Japan Cup and the results are, well, below…
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SDCC2015: Street Fighter Returning To The Comics Rack

by Peter Paltridgeon July 11, 2015
It’s been a while since we last saw them on the printed page, but the Street Fighter gang is finally returning to comics with Street Fighter Unlimited, coming later this year. This time they’ll be published by Udon Entertainment, a company that’s made its living recently publishing Western versions of video game artbooks, chiefly pertaining […]

SDCC2015: Ken Announced For Street Fighter V, Playable On Show Floor

by Peter Paltridgeon July 9, 2015
There are some Street Fighters that you have to invite or it’s not really a party. Ryu, Chun-Li, Charlie Nash, M. Bison, Cammy and Birdie have all been confirmed for the upcoming Street Fighter V, but there are still a few veterans missing from the list. Until today, Ken Masters was one of them. Ken’s […]

This Week’s Nintendo Download Features Some Blasts From the Past

by Shawn Hopkinson January 15, 2015
Retro is the watchword for this week’s Nintendo Download. This week’s digital offerings lead off with 3D After-Burner II. Yep, it’s the pizza-shop and department store lobby staple, but with a new coat of 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. In another link to the past, we’ve got Lufia: The Legend Returns, a Gameboy Color entry […]