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Shadow Of The Colossus Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon February 6, 2018
The launch trailer for “The Shadow of the Colossus” due for release on February 7, 2018…    

Shadow Of The Colossus Developer Commentary Video

by Alex Beanon December 1, 2017
Developers comment on elements of the video game “Shadow of the Colossus” – due in February 2018…    

E3 2017: Highlights From Sony’s Conference

by Peter Paltridgeon June 13, 2017
Sony’s E3 presentation in Los Angeles was little more than several trailers chained together for an hour. Surprises were sparse, hotly anticipated titles like The Last Of Us 2 were nowhere to be found, some previews went on far longer than they needed to, and the only time we saw the Square logo was when […]