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Section23 Announces New June Titles Including "Papillon Rose"

by Classic Speedyon March 22, 2010
Section23 Films has announced their slate of June titles. Curiously, a new licensing company, Maiden Japan, has been added, and is using Section23 as a distributor. Their first title is Papillon Rose, an ecchi magical girl TV series, which will be released on 6/8/10 for $34.98. It will contain all six TV episodes (plus the […]

"Clannad" and More To Be Dubbed by Seraphim Digital

by Classic Speedyon March 15, 2010
Clannad, which was originally released with only Japanese audio and English subtitles, will be getting an English dub, which will be handled by Seraphim Digital and veteran ADR director Steven Foster, among others. Other sub-only titles that are getting re-released with an English dub include Blue Drop, Ghost Hound, Legends of the Dark King: A […]

Section23/Sentai Filmworks License "Asu No Yoichi", "Eyeshield 21", "Hell Girl 2"

by Classic Speedyon February 26, 2010
The AIC-animated, 12-episode samurai/harem comedy Asu No Yoichi! has been licensed by Section23 and Sentai Filmworks. The complete collection DVD is expected to ship on 5/11/10. The long-running football anime Eyeshield 21 (by Studio Gallop) has also been licensed, with a first set release date scheduled for 5/18/10. Hell Girl: The Two Mirrors, a sequel […]

Section23/Sentai Filmworks License "Gintama", "Hidamari Sketch x365", and More

by Classic Speedyon January 21, 2010
Three new licenses and one license rescue were announced by Section23 Films and Sentai Filmworks today. The first is Gintama, a long-running historical/sci-fi comedy series from Sunrise, which debuts in a “Collection 1” DVD on 4/27/10 for $39.98. It runs 325 minutes. Living For the Day After Tomorrow (aka Asatte no Houkou) is another new […]