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PlayStation Provides Teaser Trailer For Upcoming E3 2018

by Alex Beanon June 7, 2018
Sony PlayStation has provided a teaser trailer for the upcoming 2018 version of the Electronic Entertainment Expo [E3]…    

Mad Max And Trackmania Turbo Free For April

by Alex Beanon March 31, 2018
No April Fool’s here, PlayStation is offering Mad Max and Trackmania Turbo as free games for April 2018 with PlayStation Plus membership…    

Torn Announce Trailer Will Find You Torn Between Anxiety And Curiosity

by Alex Beanon March 8, 2018
A renowned physicist has disappeared in 1953 and his mansion holds clues to his whereabouts as the announce trailer for “Torn” shows. “Torn” will be available for PlayStation VR in the always nebulous time frame known as Spring 2018…    

Mulaka Launch Trailer

by Alex Beanon February 27, 2018
The terrain of Mexico is on display in the launch trailer for “Mulaka” a 3D action-adventure game focusing on the Tarahumara as you become a Tarahumara shaman fighting corruption across the land…    

Hands On At Bandai Namco UK With “Ni no Kuni II”, “Soulcalibur VI”, “Little Witch Academia” & “New Gundam Breaker”

by Grant Whiteon February 25, 2018
This past Wednesday I was invited to represent Toonzone at a special evening hosted by Bandai Namco UK, allowing attendees to get hands on with the current builds of four major upcoming games. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom I’ve never really got into the RPG scene for one reason or another. However they hold […]

Armored Warfare Release Trailer

by Alex Beanon February 20, 2018
It is tanks, tanks and more tanks in the free-to-play “Armored Warfare” now available on Sony PlayStation…    

PlayStation Launches Trailer For VR eSports Game CTRL

by Alex Beanon June 19, 2017
The launch trailer for “Ctrl” – a video game focusing on an eSports player for Sony PlayStation’s VR…

Mafia III Demo Trailer

by Alex Beanon March 28, 2017
A demo of “Mafia III” is currently free to play on Sony PlayStation 4 – what’s it like? Well, glad you asked, because here is the trailer…

Santa Discovers PlayStation VR

by Alex Beanon December 19, 2016
Santa is a busy guy this week but he always has enough time to check out the Sony PlayStation VR under the tree…

Art For The Players – Official PlayStation Coloring Book

by Alex Beanon December 9, 2016
Images can be so fleeting – especially if they are part of video games – so why not capture those images as part of a coloring book as Sony PlayStation has done [and maybe even better, use it as a holiday gift idea?]