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Overwatch League All-Star Voting Now Live

by Todd Blackon June 2, 2018
What’s this about an All-Star game in Overwatch League? How can I participate? The Overwatch League has been a huge success for Blizzard and all involved. It gets a ton of views on Twitch, it’s helping build up eSports in the best way possible, and it gives a lot of great gamers money to play […]

Twitch Launches Rewards Program For Overwatch League Viewers

by Peter Paltridgeon February 22, 2018
Stage 2 of Overwatch League begins today, and as the exclusive streamer of the event, how can Twitch entice more people into watching? Perhaps a few bribes wouldn’t hurt? Yup…from this point forward, anyone with a Twitch account will be able to reap rewards from simply watching the Overwatch League stream. The act of Cheering […]

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The Results Of Overwatch League’s First Stage

by Peter Paltridgeon February 14, 2018
The first stage of Overwatch League has come to an end — how is the most high-profile esports tournament to date shaping up? What worked and what could have been done better? After a month of heavy competition between twelve teams of Overwatch players from around the world, England claimed the inaugural victory, represented by […]

Overwatch League Shows Improvement In Third Week Of Competition

by Peter Paltridgeon January 26, 2018
How about we check in on the biggest esports endeavor in modern gaming history? Three weeks into the season, how is Overwatch League turning out? If you had asked one week ago, we would have had dismal answers. So far, Overwatch League has been notable for controversial finger gestures from some of its players and […]

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Over Ten Million Watched Overwatch League’s Opening Week

by Peter Paltridgeon January 17, 2018
Can we consider Overwatch League a success? Early numbers indicate it….what do the stats say? According to new figures released by Activision, over ten million unique visitors tuned in to watch the competition as it played out over last weekend. The event boasted an average audience per minute of 408,000, and 280,000 for the week. […]
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Overwatch League Launches Today

by Peter Paltridgeon January 10, 2018
Is the world ready for Overwatch League? Can the biggest, most expensive esports event in modern history live up to its hype? There’s a lot riding on this. While esports has been steadily growing in popularity over the last few years, Overwatch League marks its biggest leap forward yet, with several cash-rich companies investing millions […]

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Overwatch League Begins Its First Season January 10

by Peter Paltridgeon January 4, 2018
Is the Overwatch League the biggest esports organization ever? It’s the first one to span the globe, including teams representing major cities all over the world. as well as the first major esports organization to feature home and away games. Which country will take the top prize when the very first Overwatch League season begins […]