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Sky’s No Limit for "One Piece" Third Season!

by Jameson March 1, 2011
One Piece Third Season has the show reaching for the sky, which was a relief for both myself and you, the dear reader; with any luck it will save you from another One Piece review filled with the usual load of half-baked sea-faring puns. This time you’ve got half-baked sky puns instead. How lucky are […]

Holy Smoker! Robin Comes to "One Piece"!

by Jameson June 13, 2010
Here we are again, with another offering from FUNimation to help you, the dear consumer, increase your collection of official One Piece action. Second Season: Seventh Voyage pushes One Piece’s US DVD release closer to the big 150-episode marker. Peanuts in relation to the whole ongoing series, but a tasty number for any DVD shelf. […]

Just Deserts: Three-Piece "One Piece" Box Set Win!

by Jameson April 27, 2010
Ahoy there, my hearties! I have just returned from the most epic sea journeys, and I’m ready to regale you all with my experiences over a bottle of grog! The bond of friendship is, to me, what makes One Piece one of the most compelling shows on television today. Few shows made for the younger […]

Pirate Pleasures: "One Piece" Second Season Sails with Confidence!

by Jameson April 26, 2010
Ah One Piece. I started my virgin voyage on your quirky seas with The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta, the enhanced DVD release of the truncated Alabasta arc. Then I began watching it from the beginning, and now, having finally completed the “Second Season Third Voyage” DVD set, I am nearly back […]

"One Piece": Straw Hats off to Third and Fourth Voyage

by Jameson June 15, 2009
Sailing forth, undaunted by the near-infinite number of episodes to come, I am lured in by One Piece, as a sailor is lured by a siren. The One Piece: Second Voyage DVD boxset ended on a nail-biting cliff-hanger, but and now we’re back to finish off season one (and begin season two as well!) with […]

One Piece of Advice: "First Voyage" Rocks

by Jameson June 12, 2008
A few months ago I had the pleasure of being forced out from under my rock to experience the One Piece, the animated adaptation of the world-wide best-selling manga comic. I was given the opportunity to plunge into the One Piece universe cold through the DVD release of the uncut, yet slightly compressed Alabasta story […]

Cartoon Network Confirms "One Piece" Will Not Return to Schedule

by Ed Liuon March 29, 2008
A representative of Cartoon Network confirmed for Toon Zone News that the anime series One Piece will not be returning to their schedule at this time. The representative stated that all their new episodes of One Piece have been aired already, and the series will not be repeated. The network will be replacing it in […]

Just Deserts: Yar-Har for "The Desert Princess and the Pirates"

by Jameson February 19, 2008
It has been said there is nothing more fashionable than being late for a party. But how late is “late”? Fifteen minutes? An hour? Okay, how about 183 hours? Or, to cast the same number in TV/cinematic terms, how about 343 episodes and 7 movies late? Rare for anime visuals to make me smile, but […]

FUNimation Named "One Piece" Licensing Agent for North America

by Maxie Zeuson February 18, 2008
FUNimation has picked up the North American licensing and merchandising rights to Toei’s One Piece, the companies announced today. The deal will allow FUNimation to negotiate partnerships in key licensing categories, including toys, games, and collectible figures, based on the series. [Source: FUNimation] [Read the full press release]