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NYCC2010 NYAF2010: Day 2 Photo Gallery

by Ed Liuon October 10, 2010
Below are some photos from day 2 of NYCC/NYAF 2010. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge. If you don’t see your photo here, want larger sizes, or want to read my stupid commentary on them, check out my Flickr album. Don’t forget day 1 photos and day 3 photos, either! COSPLAYERS OTHER GUESTS Indie animator […]

NYAF2010: Crunchyroll Announces Return of Gundam and New Simulcasts

by Lelouchon October 10, 2010
During their panel, Crunchyroll announced that Mobile Suit Gundam, Mobile Suit Gundam Z and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 will again be streaming on their site, starting just after the panel finished. In addition to that news, they have also announced several new series that will be simulcasting, many of which have already begun. The shows […]

NYAF2010: Star Driver is Fabulooousss!

by Lelouchon October 10, 2010
Star Driver is nothing short of FABULOUS. The plot is a bit odd, the mechs are quirky and the main character, Takuto, is ridiculous. Typically you’d think this combination wouldn’t result in such a great first impression, but it works for Star Driver. I had the pleasure of watching the first episode today with English […]

NYCC2010: "Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes" == Highly Concentrated Kick-Ass

by Ed Liuon October 9, 2010
(l to r) Jeph Loeb, Arune Singh, Joe Quesada During the Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes panel, newly minted head of Marvel TV Jeph Loeb half-apologized for the lack of new news to report by telling the audience, “When we’re ready to give you something, it’s going to be kick-ass.” He put his money where his […]

NYAF2010: Bandai Licenses Gundam 00 Movie, Announces Re-Release for Original MSG

by Lelouchon October 9, 2010
For their industry panel during NYCC/NYAF Bandai Entertainment has announced the licensing of the Mobile Suit Gundam 00 movie A wakening the Trailblazer. Gundam Unicorn has also been licensed for a three part DVD release with 2 episodes per part for $29.98. Bandai also announced a two-part Anime Legends set for the original Mobile Suit […]

NYAF2010: The Anime in Academia Panel

by Lelouchon October 9, 2010
You think Anime and Manga is just a hobby? Think again. Anime and Manga are being utilized not only as a practice of art or entertainment, but also for academic purposes. Like books, film or any other media outlet, Anime and Manga also cover a wide range of topics and ideas that can be analyzed […]

NYAF2010: Aniplex Announces Additional Voices for Durarara!! & Website Details

by Lelouchon October 9, 2010
In the third part of their voice cast announcements, Aniplex revealed that Brian Beacock would voice Walker Yumasaki, Steven Blum as Kyohei Kadota and Mela Lee as Erika Karisawa in their upcoming dub release of Durarara!!. On their website for the show,, English voice cast videos have been released, with Crispin Freeman as Shizuo […]

NYCC2010 NYAF2010: Day 1 Photo Gallery

by Ed Liuon October 9, 2010
Below are the photos we’ve taken on Day 1 of New York Comic Con/New York Anime Fest 2010. You can see larger versions of many of these photos at my Flickr album, as well as commentary or notes on who the characters are. Don’t forget day 2 photos and day 3 photos, either! COSPLAYERS GUESTS […]