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ralph breaks the internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet: New Trailer

by Peter Paltridgeon June 4, 2018
Even with gigantic disproportioned hands, how can one man break the entire Internet? Ralph, like life, finds a way. What’s new in the latest Ralph Breaks The Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2 trailer? The biggest news is this: what’s that one scene that everybody has been demanding to see ever since word leaked out about […]

Like Venom Himself, The Venom Trailer Isn’t Pretty

by Peter Paltridgeon April 24, 2018
Why is Sony’s new Venom trailer so poisonous? It was the dream of every 90s kid for Venom to get his own movie, but was that wish just granted by a monkey’s paw? Here’s the situation we’re in: Sony still holds the movie rights to all characters relating to Spider-Man. They worked out a deal […]

The Animated Mario Movie Is Officially A Go

by Peter Paltridgeon January 31, 2018
Remember when there were rumors Nintendo was pursuing an animated feature film starring one of its characters? Those kind of rumors have surfaced over and over through the years, but are we actually getting one this time? The answer is yes — Nintendo confirmed it themselves this evening. A simple tweet appeared at 5:44 PM […]
detective pikachu

Our First Peek-a At The Detective Pikachu Movie

by Peter Paltridgeon January 29, 2018
We know the upcoming Detective Pikachu movie won’t be the typical fare Pokemon movies generally are, but just how different will it be? We got a hint today when pictures were leaked from the set…what do they suggest? Detective Pikachu is currently under production, based on a spinoff game in the Pokemon series that depicts […]

thor: ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok Hits Digital February 20, Blu-Ray March 6

by Peter Paltridgeon January 10, 2018
How much fist-crunching action can you pack into one feature film? How many silly jokes, pratfalls and snide remarks can you also pack into the same movie at the same time? Audiences found out last October when Thor: Ragnarok opened in theaters. If you missed it there (Hulk not like you if true) you can […]

Ryan Reynolds Cast As Detective Pikachu

by Peter Paltridgeon December 6, 2017
Who’s the most electric voice you could choose for Detective Pikachu? If you’re like most people, you said Danny DeVito….so what do you think of Ryan Reynolds? In a development we’re all but certain Deadpool is going to be commenting on in his sequel, Reynolds has been cast as the voice of Detective Pikachu in […]


Olaf’s Frozen Adventure To Be Pulled From Screenings Of Coco

by Peter Paltridgeon December 4, 2017
Still haven’t seen Pixar’s amazing Coco? Do you have plans to arrive 20 minutes late to avoid that infamous short you’ve heard about? You can relax…the short’s gone. In 2016 a Frozen TV special was announced revolving around Olaf and set to air during the 2017 Yuletide season. Earlier this year the decision was made […]

Disney’s Live-Action Mulan Has Its Lead

by Peter Paltridgeon November 29, 2017
The decision has been made….who made the final cut? Who will take the role of China’s legendary warrior when Disney puts out its new version of Mulan? Disney announced the actress who will play the title character this morning. The role of Mulan has been given to Liu Yifei, who also goes by Crystal Liu […]


Pixar’s Coco Sets All-Time Box Office Record In Mexico

by Peter Paltridgeon November 15, 2017
How will Pixar’s latest film Coco do at the US box office this Thanksgiving? It’s already out somewhere else…what do the results tell us? Coco won’t open in the US for another week, but it premiered in Mexico first — and they ate it up. One Wednesday the animated feature earned over 827 million pesos, […]
addams family

Animated Addams Family Movie Now In Production

by Peter Paltridgeon October 13, 2017
Pop culture hasn’t been altogether ooky in some time — where are the Addams Family hiding? Could they be creeping back soon, and in what form? Animated, it sounds like — which is fitting, as they started in the form of Charles Addams’ cartoon drawings. The Addams Family has taken on many forms over the […]