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Forums: What Niche Cartoons Did You Like As a Kid? – General Animation Forum

by Eileen Cruzon October 4, 2016
As a child, what niche Cartoons did you really enjoy, yet for some reason, never did well in ratings, or your friends didn’t seem to watch or get? When I was around 9, I really liked this Italian Cartoon called Monster Allergy, which aired in the US on Kids’ WB! when the brand moved to […]

Toonzone @ MCM London Comic Con May 2014: Anime UK Industry Panel

by Grant Whiteon June 9, 2014
A few hours after the Aniplex panel, the collective representatives of the UK anime industry took to the stage- Jeremy Graves of Manga Entertainment, Andrew Partridge of Anime Limited, Yosuke Kodaka of Aniplex US and Ross Liversidge of MVM. MVM announced a slate of forthcoming titles- Garden of Sinners in October, Kokoro Connect, Blast of […]