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"Voltron: Fleet of Doom" Coming to Blu-Ray on September 28, 2010

by Dan Collinson July 28, 2010 reports that Media Blasters will bring the animated movie Voltron: Fleet of Doom to Blu-Ray. The Lion Force team and the Vehicle Force team join forces to stop King Zarkon and Viceroy Throk’s armada to save the Galaxy Alliance. The Blu-Ray disc will contain the full-length film, as well as the first episodes of […]

Media Blasters Announces Delays of "Ikki Tousen", "Rayearth", "Queen’s Blade"

by Classic Speedyon July 21, 2010
A number of Media Blasters-licensed anime titles have been delayed to the new dates below: * Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny vol. 3: 8/31/10 * Ikki Tousen Dragon Destiny Complete Collection: 8/31/10 * Magic Knight Rayearth Season 2 Remastered: 9/7/10 * Queen’s Blade vol. 2: 9/7/10 * Queen’s Blade vol. 3: 10/26/10 * Queen’s Blade Complete […]

Media Blasters Announces New October Titles Including "Queen’s Blade" Collection

by Classic Speedyon July 13, 2010
Queen’s Blade gets a complete collection release in October. It will be released in both DVD formats (10/5/10) and Blu-ray formats (10/19/10). Both versions will cost $49.98. Speaking of Queen’s Blade, the second season, which aired in the later half of 2009, is expected for a release sometime in Q1 2011. Additionally, Kanokon‘s third volume […]

Media Blasters Announces New September Titles Including "Blade of the Immortal" Set

by Classic Speedyon June 5, 2010
In September, Media Blasters plans to release the following anime DVDs: * Blade of the Immortal Complete Collection: 9/14/10 – $39.98 * Dairugger vol. 3: 9/28/10 – $34.99 * Genshiken 2 Complete Collection (LiteBox): 9/7/10 – $39.99 * Queen’s Blade vol. 3: 9/28/10 – $29.99 * Voltron: Fleet of Doom (Blu-ray): 9/28/10 – $19.99 [Source: […]

Media Blasters Launches Streaming Video of "Queen’s Blade", "Kanokon", & More

by Classic Speedyon May 12, 2010
Media Blasters has gotten into the streaming game by allowing the first episodes of Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny, Kanokon: The Girl Who Cried Fox, and Queen’s Blade to be viewed for free on their website. These are the dubbed versions, and preserve the original aspect ratio. Magic Knight Rayearth is also coming soon to the […]

Media Blasters Announces New August Titles Including "Kanokon" Vol. 2

by Classic Speedyon May 4, 2010
Two new titles are coming from Media Blasters in August: * Genshiken DX Collection (Season 1 + OAVs): 8/24/10 – 375 min. – $34.99 * Kanokon vol. 2: 8/31/10 – 100 min. – $19.99 Additionally, the delayed Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny Premium Collection has a new release date: 8/3/10. [Source: RightStuf ]

Media Blasters Announces "Magic Knight Rayearth" Season 2 Remastered

by Classic Speedyon March 27, 2010
The second season of the fantasy anime series Magic Knight Rayearth is getting a re-release in a remastered DVD collection on 7/27/10. It’s priced at $44.99 and runs 725 minutes. In other Media Blasters news, Queen’s Blade‘s second volume has been delayed until 7/27/10. [Source: RightStuf ]

Media Blasters Announces New May Titles Including "Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei"

by Classic Speedyon February 18, 2010
The SHAFT-animated school comedy anime Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei makes its debut on 5/25/10 with the first volume, running 150 minutes and priced at $24.99. It will not contain an English dub. Other May titles from Media Blasters: * Dairugger Collection 2: 5/25/10 – 450 min. – $34.99 * Ikki Tousen: Dragon Destiny Premium Box Set: […]

Media Blasters Licenses "Great Guardians" and "Queen’s Blade"

by Classic Speedyon November 5, 2009
Today, John Sirabella of Media Blasters announced they have the rights to Ikki Tousen: Great Guardians, the third series in the ecchi martial arts anime series, as well as Queen’s Blade, a similarly ecchi fantasy series based off a combat picture book game. Both series are set to include an English dub, and both Queen’s […]

Media Blasters Announces New February Titles Including "Dairugger"

by Classic Speedyon November 5, 2009
The 1982 mecha anime series Dairugger, which is in the same family as Voltron, makes its R1 DVD debut on 2/23/10 with its first collection, which runs 450 minutes. It’s priced at $34.99 and is sub only. In addition, the following DVDs are expected in February: * Gao-Gai-Gar Season 1 Collection (Litebox): 2/9/10 – 625 […]