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porky pig 101

WB Announces Porky Pig 101, The First Chronological Looney Tunes DVD

by Peter Paltridgeon August 16, 2017
Did you ever notice how…scattered WB’s home video releases of their classic Looney Tunes library are? Why do the shorts keep getting packaged as a trail mix of decades, when most of the collectors who make up the market prefer chronological order? Who knows, but that practice may be coming to an end. It depends […]

Turner Classic Movies to Air Classic Animated Films on October 21, 2012

by Todd "GWOtaku" DuBoison August 10, 2012
The cable television channel Turner Classic Movies has scheduled multiple older animated works for a six-hour broadcast on Sunday, October 21, 2012. The network’s Robert Osborne will co-host the programming with animation historian and producer Jerry Beck. At this time, TCM plans the following schedule: 8 PM Eastern / 5 PM Pacific: Max Fleischer’s Gulliver’s […]

"Looney Tunes Platinum Collection Vol. 1": Double Dips, But What Good Looking Double Dips!

by Classic Speedyon November 15, 2011
Looney Tunes has had a few rough years on home video lately. The annual Golden Collections ceased coming in 2008 after the sixth volume, and the only new releases in 2009 were a couple of theatrical compilation films, both of which were mostly made up of cartoons already on DVD. Things improved a tad in […]

"Looney Tunes: The Essential Daffy Duck": Essentially Reprocessed

by Classic Speedyon November 2, 2011
Following in the footsteps of “Looney Tunes: The Essential Bugs Bunny”, we have another double dip, best-of release. This time, Daffy Duck gets his due. The first disc mostly repeats from the Golden Collections and Daffy Duck: Frustrated Fowl. However, “Porky’s Duck Hunt” (1937, Tex Avery) is new to DVD, and even better, it features […]

"Tom & Jerry" Golden Collection Vol. 1: Not Purr-Fect, But Pretty Good

by Classic Speedyon November 1, 2011
Do I really need to describe Tom & Jerry? I don’t think I do. Aside from the fact that the premise of their cartoons (cat chases mouse) is so simple to describe, I think most everyone knows these iconic characters. Plus, I’ve described the series in previous Toonzone reviews, so I won’t waste your time. […]

"Hoppity Goes to Town": Capra Corn

by Maxie Zeuson September 28, 2011
Before there were Looney Tunes, before there were Tom and Jerry, almost before there was Disney, there were the Fleischer brothers. They are best known these days for Popeye and Betty Boop and the theatrical Superman shorts, but they were around long enough and had sufficient skill and ambition that they tried competing directly with […]

"Tom and Jerry: Fur Flying Adventures Vol. 2" is a Failed Flop

by Ed Liuon July 15, 2011
How many different ways can Warner Home Video package classic Tom and Jerry material for DVD? They’ve done Spotlight Collections, a dedicated set for the Chuck Jones shorts, a “deluxe anniversary” boxed set, and a multi-volume “Greatest Chases” series, plus the Tom and Jerry Tales DVDs. There’s also a Golden Collection coming soon to DVD […]

"Rocky and Bullwinkle" Season 4: A Rocky Road

by Classic Speedyon August 23, 2010
Rocky and Bullwinkle is a difficult show to grade as a whole. When it’s “on”, it can be a riot. But when it isn’t, you sit there stone faced. Such is the case with season 4, which contains 19 half hour episodes. For those unfamiliar with the show, here’s a quick summary: It’s a kind […]

"Tom & Jerry Deluxe Collection": Deluxe? More Like Deformed

by Maxie Zeuson July 15, 2010
Quick, how many “Tom and Jerry” cartoons did William Hanna and Joseph Barbera make? If you said “Dozens and dozens,” then you are likely a completist, and the new Tom and Jerry: Deluxe Anniversary Collection is probably not for you. True, it collects a nice set of cat and mouse cartoons, but most of them […]

"Looney Tunes: The Essential Bugs Bunny" Coming in October

by Classic Speedyon July 13, 2010
A new Looney Tunes DVD set is coming on 10/12/10. The 210 minute, 2-disc set will contain seventeen Bugs Bunny cartoons, and three of those haven’t been released on DVD before. The second disc will contain an hour of special features, including the uncut version of Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers (a 1992 short from […]