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Anime Boston 2009-FUNimation Licenses "Spice and Wolf"

by Weathermanon May 23, 2009
FUNimation has announced the licensing of Spice and Wolf at Anime Boston 2009. Very accurately described as a well-disguised entertaining economics lesson set in a fantasy universe based on middle-ages Europe, Spice and Wolf will be coming to DVD in the winter of 2009-10. FUNimation also announced the English language cast for the upcoming release […]

Anime Boston 2009 Day 1: The Times They Are A Changin’

by Weathermanon May 23, 2009
Stepping back into the Hynes. So many memories, both good and not so good. All good so far this year, starting off with a far improved registration process that had everyone flying right through. Thank you Thursday night registration. Overall the crowd this year is good without being too overwhelming, though we shall see what […]