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Sword Art Online – “Yui’s Heart” Episode 12 Recap

by on October 24, 2012

Yulier, second in command of the Liberation army, requests for Kirito and Asuna’s assistance in order to save her guild leader.

Kirito, Asuna and Yui stay a while at Sasha’s church and become amazed at all the children that are living their lives there. Yulier of the Liberation army soon arrives on the scene and makes a humble apology about the army members who were trying to tax the local players. She explains that their leader Thinker had intended to only help players, but that plan soon misfired when ruthless users like Kibaou began to abuse the power of the guild instead. Thinker was originally going to expel Kibaou (because of the Gleam Eyes incident), but he was tricked and trapped inside a secret dungeon on the first floor.  Kirito and Asuna both agree that it would be best to head to the secret dungeon and save Thinker as soon as possible. With Yui not wishing to be left behind at the church, the group gives in to her stubborn attitude and takes her along.

The party reaches Thinker’s location and finds itself face to face against the boss of the dungeon, “Fatal Scythe”. Kiritosoon realizes they currently can’t win against such a powerful foe and urges Asuna, Yuni, Yulier and Thinker to get out of the area quickly. Asuna refuses and stays behind, believing that Yuni will head back to town with Yulier and Thinker. Not wishing for her new parents to die, Yuni summons her own weapon and shockingly erases the boss completely. Yui explains to the couple that she’s really a AI counselor who was meant to only watch the players and nothing more. But her existence changed when she saw Kirito and Asuna, who looked so happy together that she really wanted to meet them. Kirito and Asuna accept the fact of their daughter’s existence and promise that they will always be together regardless. Unfortunately due to how Yuni abused her powers to delete an enemy, the control system of the game goes on the offensive and erases her out of the system. An enraged Kirito quickly grabs hold of the control system, managing to snatch the material that compsoes what is considered to be Yuni’s Heart. He explains to a crying Asuna that when they return to the real world, he will find a way to bring her back with part of her existence now inside his nerve gear. For now, Asuna decides to wear the glowing heart material of her first daughter as a necklace and walks forward with the belief that they will meet again.

Yui’s heart is bittersweet with its impacting moments and strong feelings that makes the experience of watching this show worthwhile. An arguable fault about this episode is the fact that Yui really just walks in and out of the story in a very short period of time. Because of this, it can be rather hard to care about her character and grasp the emotion of the sacrifice she makes at the end. The good news is that her time spent in this series was enough for Kirito and Asuna’s feelings about her to make sense, and Yui’s daughter persona had been a breath of fresh air for this rather depressing series.  I think the best part about the role that Yui played was that it gave me more power and realism to the bond that Kirito and Asuna share.

One piece of this show that I haven’t complimented before is the boss and monster designs that are always designed to impress.  This series has currently given us evil Santa Clauses, giant reapers, 3D dragons and a variety of others that makes the adventure really feel like one at the end of the day.

I’m really hoping that this scenario with Yuni will lead to introducing the creator of the game again. You’d think an antagonistic man who has trapped 10,000 people (and triggered the deaths of many) would make more entrances here and there with how far he has taken his entire plan. With the current pace of this story, I wouldn’t be surprised if the final floor of the game is at least right around the corner.

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