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Star Wars VII Play Jedi Mind Tricks – Switch Up Screenwriters

by on October 25, 2013


Just when you may have been thinking that it would be a smooth road set aglow with light saber lights all the way to 2015, a few potholes appeared for the highly anticipated upcoming “Star Wars: Episode VII” feature film. With the screenplay originally placed in the hands of Michael Arndt [who won an Academy Award for “Little Miss Sunshine” and was a nominee for “Toy Story 3”], it was announced that Arndt was being relieved of his screenwriting duties on the film and the picture’s director, J. J. Abrams as well as previous Star Wars film screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan [“The Empire Strike Back” and Return of the Jedi”] would be co-writing the screenplay moving forward.

Filming for the seventh installment in the franchise is expected to begin in Spring 2014 with an expected release date in 2015.