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Sony’s Animated Spider-Man Movie Won’t Star Peter Parker


All the current Spidey hype may be directed at Spider-Man: Homecoming, but let’s not forget Sony is also working on an animated version of the webslinger’s adventures, also set for theatrical release. But here’s something nobody knew until today: that movie won’t have Peter Parker in it.

How can you have a Spider-Man movie without Peter Parker? When you have Miles Morales instead. Miles took up the great power and great responsibility of the Webbed Tights in Ultimate Spider-Man, a book that took place in a different continuity. That version had Peter Parker as well, but he eventually died and Miles took his place. (In typical comic book fashion, Parker “un-died” later on, but Miles remained the hero of the title until its end.)

Miles is significant in that he’s the first “alternate” version of Spider-Man that fans did not outright reject upon arrival. In the 90’s Marvel attempted to retire Parker and replace him with Ben Reilly, which went over about as well as New Coke and was quickly reversed. Miles Morales, by contrast, amassed a fanbase of his own — though it was made easier due to the fact that he was the hero of a different mag and people could still buy Spider-Man Classic if they wanted to. Last year the Ultimate line ended and Miles was folded into regular Marvel continuity.

The yet-to-be-titled movie is being executive-produced by wunderkinds Phil Lord and Chris Miller, and Bob Persichetti and Peter Ramsey will direct. The animated Spider-Man movie will make its debut in 2018.

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