Ultraman Tiga

#101 "The Prophecy" (Airdate: 09-14-02)
It is the year 2049. The world has been at peace for decades but not for much longer. A meteor containing a space capsule crashes to Earth, suspiciously close to The Citagon, headquarters of the Terrestrial Peacekeeping Commission (TPC). Inside the space capsule is a holographic message intended for the members of GUTS (the Global Unlimited Task Squad), TPC’s investigative agency and special combat squad. The message warns that monstrous creatures will soon destroy the planet. GUTS is told that their only hope is to locate the Pyramid of Light in the ancient land of Tiga. Inside the Pyramid they will find the statue of an ancient warrior, who protected mankind 30 million years ago. They’re told that one person, and one person only, has the power to awaken this giant so that it can resume its role as protector of the planet. Just as the hologram is about to reveal that person’s identity, there’s a malfunction with the space capsule and the holographic image disintegrates. Now time is running out because two monsters, Melba and Golza, have been sighted and they’re headed for Tiga. The GUTS team gets to the Pyramid ahead of the monsters but they’re confused about which one of the three statues inside is the true ancient warrior. They also don’t know how they would go about reviving it. The monsters arrive and begin to destroy the Pyramid, along with the statues of the three ancient warriors. The GUTS team watches helplessly from their Gutswing jets overhead but Daigo, one of the GUTS fighter pilots, decides to take matters into his own hands. Using laser beam artillery on Gutswing 1, he attacks the Golza & Melba. His lasers are no match for these monsters, who have already completely destroyed the Pyramid of Light and two of the three warrior statues inside. Suddenly Daigo’s jet is hit and he loses control. At the brink of disaster, just as his jet is about to crash to the ground, Daigo is transformed into light and merges with the one remaining giant warrior statue. It is at this sudden and secret moment that Ultraman Tiga is born. Incredibly it is Daigo who, according to the hologram, was that one and only person able to revive the ancient warrior. Ultraman Tiga battles Golza and Melba and defeats them both. Soon after, Daigo emerges unscathed from the GUTS Wing crash site but his colleagues at GUTS have no idea that their friend is Ultraman Tiga. World peace has been restored... at least for now.

#102 "Monster in the Mine" (Airdate: 09-14-02)
Daigo begins to learn about his secret identity, Ultraman Tiga, and the powers he now possesses as Earth’s guardian and defender against evil. Suddenly, the legendary cave monster Gakuma awakens from its age-long slumber and begins turning jewel miners into stone! Upon the orders of General Sawai, the GUTS team reconfigures their GUTS Wing cruisers into fighter jets to battle this behemoth. But when Gakuma’s brother appears, even the suped-up Gutswing 2 can’t handle the situation. Will Ultraman make a second appearance to save the world from destruction?

#103 "The False Prophet" (Airdate: 09-21-02)
After making a guest appearance on the TV show Celebrity Confidential to declare Ultraman Tiga as a force for good, Captain Iruma is visited by an evil prophet who demands that she submit to the ancient creature Kilalien or perish in flames with the rest of planet Earth! When Iruma refuses to serve this monster, mysterious explosions begin to occur in the Metro District. Iruma investigates the matter in an attempt to discover the true identity of the mysterious prophet, only to find herself in danger of becoming part of the next explosion! Will the captain, and the world, be swallowed up by fire or will Ultraman Tiga extinguish the all-powerful Kilalien?

#104 "Spark of Evil" (Airdate: 09-21-02)
A sinister ball of light transforms the Jupiter Explorer spaceship and its crew into Ligatron, a metallic goliath of destruction! This giant embodiment of pure evil goes on a rampage, attacking Zeranium-storage plants for energy, as it attempts to absorb all life on Earth. When the spirits of the crew trapped inside begin appearing to their families, the GUTS team and Ultraman realize that good feelings and positive emotions may be the only way to defeat a monster powered by hate.

#105 "Munakata's Monster" (Airdate: 09-28-02)
The rotting corpse of the monster Sealizar washes up on a beach near The Citagon. The GUTS team is dispatched to dispose of the body, but as they attempt to tow it out to sea, the monster regains consciousness and heads towards the city on a path of destruction. All attempts by GUTS to retaliate are squashed by the slimy Sealizar, who is able to ingest anything by absorbing it into its gooey stomach. Can Ultraman Tiga put an end to this decaying corpse creature once and for all?

#106 "The Dark Cloud" (Airdate: 09-28-02)
A mysterious storm cloud swallows a TPC weather plane only to reveal itself as a pod carrying the man-eating monster Gazoto! When Daigo’s Gutswing also gets absorbed into this creature’s cocoon, all hope seems lost! Horii is dispatched to face the man-eating Gazoto and speak to it with the GUTS Voice Translator. Will Horii becomes the hungry monster’s next snack? Will Daigo be able to transform into Ultraman and save the planet from destruction?

#107 "Alien Invasion" (Airdate: 10-05-02)
Rena is about to reunite with her long-lost father Grant, but this won’t be a happy homecoming! Grant is the architect of the ultra-powerful Valkyrie Cannon, a new secret weapon used onboard the Delta 7 Space Station and the diabolical alien, Regulon, will stop at nothing to get it… even if it means holding Rena hostage! Will Regulon’s plan of interplanetary domination succeed, or will Ultraman Tiga put stop this diabolical scheme!?

#108 "All Hallows Eve" (Airdate: 10-26-02)
It’s Halloween and due to a strange magnetic disturbance, the GUTS team is sent out undercover. When Daigo chases a suspicious witch who is hypnotizing children with magic lollipops, he is captured and trapped in a deadly chamber… without the Torch of Tiga! Meanwhile, the children of the city are being turned into zombies. GUTS needs Ultraman to help defeat this wicked fiend, but with Daigo separated from the Torch of Tiga, that seems impossible!

#109 "Stranded" (Airdate: 10-05-02)
A mysterious teenage girl activates a centuries-old celestial orb, which summons the colossal alien, Makeena to Earth! This giant intergalactic creature, who goes on a destructive rampage, is covered from head to toe with an armor-like shell, impenetrable even by Ultraman!

No information available.

#111 "Friend or Foe?" (Airdate: 10-12-02)
A monster is sighted at a beach resort, but when the GUTS team responds to the distress call, it mysteriously disappears! Horii is sent to the resort to find the monster with his latest invention, Monster Tracker. While searching for this creature, Horii bumps into an old friend who is hiding a dark secret. Does Horii’s friend know more about the mysterious monster sightings than he’s telling? Can even Ultraman Tiga defeat a monster that can’t be seen?!

#112 "Mutant from the Sea" (Airdate: 10-19-02)
Rena and Marnie visit the local aquarium to investigate a strange specimen found near the ocean. But this dried up fossil is the least of their worries when they learn that an off-shore radiation leak has mutated a bite-sized Leilon fish into a 20-story titan of terror! Can Ultraman Tiga defeat this Flippered Freak of Nature or will it continue to wreak havoc on the world?

#113 "Attack of the Crow-Men" (Airdate: 11-02-02)
The Earth has been invaded by a race of intergalactic Crow-men! And these bird-face beasts are shrinking humans into action figure-sized collectibles to bring back to their planet! When Shinjoh and his eight year-old cousin, Stevie, are captured, the GUTS team must rescue them and the other mini-earthlings before the Crow-men leave the planet with their human collection. But GUTS will need some help from Ultraman Tiga to stop this alien army!

#114 "Nowhere to Hide" (Airdate: 11-09-02)
Two meteors have crashed this week in the same city and the GUTS team is puzzled. They soon learn that these meteors are actually space capsules carrying Zane and Lucia, two aliens on the run from an evil predator named Muzan, who will stop at nothing to catch the couple that holds the secret to the greatest energy source in the galaxy! When Muzan transforms into a creature even too powerful for team GUTS team to defeat, Ultraman Tiga must step in to face this monstrous foe!

#115 "Revenge of Gazoto" (Airdate: 11-16-02)
A familiar black cloud descends upon Earth, sending Daigo and Shinjoh’s Gutswing fighter jet plummeting into the ocean. Gazoto has returned! This man-eating monster was defeated by Tiga, but some baby monsters escaped. Now one of those babies has grown into a new generation of terror... and it’s stronger than ever before! Can Ultraman Tiga defeat a hungry creature with more power and more plasma than the original Gazoto!?

#116 "The Monster Slayer Returns" (Airdate: 11-23-02)
When a bumbling crew of tomb raiders steal the sword of an ancient warrior, they awaken the dormant mountain troll Sakuna Oni! As the legend of the great Samurai Kagetatsu unfolds, the spirit of the warrior returns and tag-teams with Ultraman Tiga to battle the troll and return him to his burial place inside the mountain. But this ancient two-faced creature seems indestructible, even against the combined power of the samurai and Tiga warriors!

#117 "Dark vs. Light" (Airdate: 11-30-02)
The sinister alien Abulbas is abducting planet Earth’s strongest residents to use as human batteries to power his spaceship! When the GUTS team tries to lure this power-crazed creature out of hiding, Shinjoh and Daigo are captured and stuck in the engine of a UFO! Only Ultraman Tiga can put an end to Abulbas’ evil scheme, but with Daigo trapped that seems impossible!

#118 "Golza is Back!" (Airdate: 12-07-02)
A suspicious volcanic eruption spurs GUTS into action. Diago and Shinjoh are dispatched in the GUTS specialized underground vehicle, "The Weevil,” to explore the area beneath the volcano, where they discover the reason for the eruption... the monster Golza has returned! After destroying the Tiga Pyramid of Light and escaping from Ultraman, Golza burrowed into the ground where volcanic energy increased his power! Now Golza is back and stronger than ever! When the creature traps the two GUTS officers underground, only Ultraman Tiga can bring them out alive... and take care of Golza once and for all.

#119 "The Power of Light (Part 1)" (Airdate: 12-14-02)
While testing a new engine called the Spectron 12, Rena is blasted by dangerous shockwaves. After regaining control she sees a mysterious meteor that looks like a space island. The island launches an attack on the Earth as alien robots invade the planet! The GUTS team decides to launch its new secret space cruiser into action. Powered by the Spectron 12, the Artdessei is designed to each Maximum Luminocity, the highest speed ever flown by man. As the Artdessei makes its way to destroy the space island, a giant robot wired with explosives is programmed to obliterate the planet. Daigo secretly transforms into Ultraman ready to battle his toughest opponent yet, but has Ultraman Tiga finally met his match?!

#120 "The Power of Light (Part 2)" (Airdate: To Be Determined)
In a battle to protect the planet from being obliterated by an explosive robot, Ultraman Tiga’s biotic sensor stops blinking and he disappears! Meanwhile the GUTS team is trapped inside a giant meteor controlled by alien robots. Will they escape before they run out of air? Is Ultraman Tiga gone for good?

#121 "The Show Must Go On" (Airdate: To Be Determined)
A disappearing monster named Maijin is terrorizing the planet with a purple mist that turns ordinary people into destructive psychos! The GUTS team suspects that this strange creature is somehow connected to a bizarre traveling circus and their star attraction: a harmless mini-monster named Duvall. With the human race brainwashed by Maijin’s mist, it’s up to Ultraman to save the world once again!

#122 "The Fog" (Airdate: To Be Determined)
Traveling in a mysterious fog, an alien swarm of pimpled bloodsuckers transform a peaceful town into mind-controlled zombie nation! Will Daigo and Horii turn the villagers back into ordinary people or will the GUTS team turn into Zombies also?

#123 "Prehistoric Danger" (Airdate: To Be Determined)
When Daigo and Horii are sent to investigate the remains of a new breed of dinosaur, the fossil comes to life! Under the control of an evil alien race known as the Narza, this dino and its twin are set to destroy the planet if GUTS doesn’t surrender to them. Can Ultraman Tiga battle two prehistoric giants!?

#124 "Toxic Terror / Afraid of the Park" (Airdate: To Be Determined)
Two shows in one! Toxic Terror: When four kids claim to have seen a toxic monster destroying all wildlife in the woods, Horii believes they’re crying wolf. But when the monster turns out to be real, the GUTS team turns to Ultraman to put an end to this toxic terror? Afraid of the Park: On a short vacation from GUTS, Shinjoh and Marnie take their niece and nephew to an amusement park. But Shinjoh’s day off ends early, when a gigantic monster emerges from underground and traps the entire park within an invisible dome!