Ultimate Muscle

#101 "A Legend Reborn" (Airdate: 09-14-02)
Years have passed since the efforts of King Muscle and his fellow Muscle League Champions vanquished the evil DMP wrestlers. But now a new generation of the DMP has thrown down the gauntlet—literally, in the form of a giant rock fist that has slammed into planet Earth! The old Muscle League try to contain these new foes, but are no match for their younger, stronger opponents! The Muscle League must put their faith in their own New Generation, and in the son of their own leader King Muscle. But that son, Kid Muscle has none of the qualities of his father. He’s cowardly, lazy, and determined not to become a part of the new team. But he’s sent to Earth against his will where he meets up with Meat, the tiny-tot trainer who honed his father’s skills decades before. Revived from his suspended-animation slumber, Meat is determined to whip Kid Muscle into a wrestling champ worthy to wear his father’s mantle! But his plans are cut short by the arrival of a formidable member of the DMP, a barbaric man-mountain known as Addversarious, who plans to subtract Kid Muscle from the Muscle League roster! There’s only if Kid Muscle can win—that if he proves capable of summoning the power of his legacy, the power of Ultimate Muscle!

#102 "Generation — Next!" (Airdate: 09-14-02)
Even when introduced to a number of aspiring second-generation heroes, Kid Muscle remains reluctant to follow in his father’s footsteps. Together with the offspring of such legendary wrestlers as Manitoban, Special Man, and Terryman, Kid Muscle is taken to the Hercules Factory — an academy where future heroes are put through brutal training exercises. Only the strongest and most skillful will survive to become the new Muscle League Champions! After surviving grueling tests administered by the toughest members of the original Muscle League, Kid Muscle’s greatest challenge comes when the evil wrestler Boaconda invades the school and locks both Kid Muscle and himself inside the Titanium Cage for a match to the death.

#103 "Making the Cut" (Airdate: 09-21-02)
Just as the new generation of super heroes thinks their trials in the Hercules Factory are complete, they learn, in order to graduate, they must face the legendary wrestlers they aspire to replace. In the first round Terry Kenyon and Samuu face two formidable opponents: Ramen Man and Buffalo Man. And Kid Muscle finds out the legendary wrestler he’s to face in the ring is none other than his father, the most renowned Muscle League Champion of them all!

#104 "Like Father, Like Son" (Airdate: 09-21-02)
Kid Muscle faces off against his father, the legendary King Muscle, a challenge he at first laughs off. But then he realizes that his father takes this match very seriously — and that he expects Kid Muscle to live up to the heritage of Ultimate Muscle!

#105 "Dial Up Danger" (Airdate: 09-28-02)
Having passed the difficult trials at the Hercules Factory, the new generation of the Muscle League travel to Earth to ready themselves for their first match with the DMP. But they don’t realize just how treacherous the DMP can be until three of its members ambush Dik Dik Van Dik. This leaves Kid Muscle to fight alone to uphold the honor of the Muscle League! (PART 1)

#106 "Mask of Terror" (Airdate: 09-28-02)
Kid Muscle faces his first DMP challenger — the cell-phone cyborg Dial Bolic! Will the presence of Roxanne, the object of his affections, be enough to inspire our reluctant hero to victory? Or will he be yet another wrestler that falls under the unstoppable trauma-inducing power of Dial Bolic? (PART 2)

#107 "Call Waiting" (Airdate: 10-05-02)
After using his “Trauma Voice Dial” to summon unstoppable adversaries from Kid Muscle’s past, Dial Bolic finally makes a strategic error when he tries to intimidate Kid Muscle with an illusion of King Muscle himself. But Kid Muscle’s momentary victory proves fleeting when Dial Bolic unleashes a volley of electrical attacks against the Kid. It looks hopeless for the Muscle League… until Kid Muscle uncovers a crack in the cell-phone cyborg’s seemingly unbreakable defenses! (PART 3

#108 "Trouble Afoot" (Airdate: 10-05-02)
Dial Bolic might be defeated, but another member of the DMP, the Pumpinator, throws down a challenge to Kid Muscle, already exhausted from his previous match. But the honorable Kevin Mask intervenes, giving Kid Muscle an hour to recover. Pumpinator demands a match with another wrestler from the Muscle League in the interim and Wally Tusket reluctantly steps forward. But Wally is quickly defeated, leaving Kid Muscle to once again defend the championship title! Unfortunately, Pumpinator’s ability to transform into a high-tech, sneaker renders him shock-resistant, and virtually undefeatable! (PART 1)

#109 "Fury of the Scorned Shoe" (Airdate: 10-12-02)
It seems, years ago, Shocadile had suffered a great defeat in a match against King Muscle. Because of this, throughout his childhood, Pumpinator, the grandson of defeated Shocadile, was harshly trained — for the sole purpose of eventually avenging his family’s honor. In his match against Kid Muscle, Pumpinator intends to achieve his long sought revenge. But Kid Muscle has some avenging of his own to do — against Pumpinator for the defeat of his fellow Muscle Leaguer, Wally. Meantime, Kevin Mask, the third challenger from the DMP leaves in disgust after witnessing the dishonorable tactics of Dial Bolic and Pumpinator. But Kid Muscle and the others have little time to savor their first victory over their evil enemies. For a holographic transmission from a new evil wrestler, Sunshine, informs them that two other Muscle League wrestlers have been defeated in Little Tokyo. Are there any other Muscle Leaguers that dare challenge Sunshine’s mysterious and deadly Nightmare protégés? (PART 2)

#110 "Unmellow Yellow" (Airdate: 10-12-02)
The Muscle League Champions embark on a trip to Little Tokyo to challenge the Sunshine Nightmare protégés. Roxanne and her friends follow to witness the carnage. Kid Muscle and Meat, hungry upon arrival, go to a Sushi bar where they coincidentally meet Sunshine himself! Fortunately, Sunshine is not yet in the mood to fight. Instead, he recounts the story of a great match many years ago, in which he, and others of the DMP lost to King Muscle and the original Muscle League. Sunshine identifies his Nightmare twins as his means of destroying Kid Muscle and reclaiming the DMP's title as the best team ever!

#111 "The Hand That Bites You" (Airdate: 10-19-02)
No description avaialable.

#112 "Playing it Cool" (a.k.a. "Cold War") (Airdate: 10-19-02)
Terry "The Grand" Kenyon discovers that father knows best and relies on his famiy's signature attacks to defeat the first Night Mare, Tyrannoclaw.

#113 "Checkmate!" (Airdate: 10-26-02)
Evil Super Villain Sunshine's second Night Mare, Checkmate dazzles the arena but leaves Kid Muscle in a daze because this DMP villain doesn't feel pain.

#114 "Feeling No Pain" (Airdate: 10-26-02)
Checkmate is a triple threat against Kid Muscle, transforming from ruthless King, to beastly Knight to cold-hearted Castle.

#115 "The Student Rebellion" (Airdate: 11-02-02)
Kid Muscle and the Muscle League are horrified when Checkmate turns against Sunshine, in a showdown between master and apprentice.

#116 "The Final Move" (Airdate: 11-02-02)
As Checkmate and Kid Muscle face each other within the ring, Checkmate's right knee suddenly swells up.

#117 "Roxanne Rocks!" (Airdate: 11-09-02)
No description available.

#118 "Cutting the Slack" (Airdate: 11-09-02)
After defeating the DMP and restoring peace once again, Kid Muscle heads back to town and again sets about flirting with local girls.

#119 "The Muscle League vs the Muscle League" (Airdate: 11-16-02)
The tag match between the first semester and second semester Hercules Factory students is to be held in two separate arenas.

#120 "Water Damage" (Airdate: 11-16-02)
Knowing Dik Dik Van Dik’s defeat, Wally Tusket who now is filled with fighting spirit starts fierce attack on Hydrazoa.

#121 "A Bad Sign" (Airdate: 11-23-02)
Wally Tusket who is again taken into Hydrazoa’s body and is squeezed by Big Bone Crash* finally stops moving.

#122 "Road Rage" (Airdate: 11-23-02)
Rage’s Traffic Sign attack pushes Kid Muscle into a crisis.

#123 "From Bad to Worse" (Airdate: 11-30-02)
The second match of A block between Terry Kenyon and Eskara is unbelievable.

#124 "Ultimate Courage" (Airdate: 11-30-02)
There is a press conference for 4 Superheroes who enter the semi-finals.

#125 "Ink or Swim" (Airdate: 12-14-02)
A match between Kid Muscle and Hydrazoa begins on the special ring at Tokyo bay.

#126 "The Kid vs. the Squid" (Airdate: 12-14-02)
Kid Muscle kicks Hydrazoa into the sea after breaking his primal technique Lens Solar Heat.

#127 To Be Determined
The second match of the semi-finals is fought between the second group Superheroes.

#128 To Be Determined
Jeager gets an advantage over Eskara.