Stargate: Infinity

#101 "Decision" (Airdate: 09-14-02)
When Tlak'kahn warriors invade Stargate Command to seize what may be a long-dormant Ancient, teen-age Stargate trainees Stacey, Ec'co, Harrison, and Seattle have moments to make a decision that will change the rest of their lives.

#102 "Double Duty" (Airdate: 09-21-02)
Gus has to choose between his duty to Stargate Command and his feelings of personal responsibility when he suspects that he has inadvertently infected an alien village with a deadly microbe.

#103 "The Best World" (Airdate: 09-28-02)
The team finds a "signpost" that could guide them to the home planet of the Ancients, and Harrison finds himself "owned" by a disgusting female alien — but both of them may not be what they appear to be.

No information available.

#105 "Coming Home" (Airdate: 10-05-02)
Gus and Ec'co go to the home planet of Ec’co’s mother to learn more about the Tlak’kahn, who have been attempting to subdue it for 20 years. Ec’co is surprised during his “homecoming,” to the planet that his mother spoke of with such love, to discover that though he looks like the native people they are prejudiced against him as a “half-breed alien,” much as the Earth families were when he was growing up. While Ec’co proves himself to his mother’s countrymen, and he and Gus get crucial information about the Tlak’kahn enemy, Ec’co’s real discovery is a new definition for the word "home."

#106 "Mentor" (Airdate: 10-12-02)
Gus and the trainees encounter a former SG team leader whose free-wheeling style inspired Gus as a young officer. But Gus is in for a shock when his friend betrays Gus and the trainees to Da'kyll.

#107 "Phobia" (Airdate: 10-26-02)
While exploring a new world, Stacey mistakenly injures a friendly spider-like alien, making a bad decision based on her fear of spiders. She must overcome her prejudice and fear to undo the harm she has done and save the SG team and the alien spiders' village from the Tlak'kahn.

#108 "Hot Water" (Airdate: 10-19-02)
When Gus and the trainees jump through to a planet almost completely covered with water, Harrison can't resist bragging about his swimming ability. The boasting backfires when one of the local amphibious aliens hears about it and forces Harrison into a dangerous underwater race.

#109 "Who Are You?" (Airdate: 11-09-02)
When the SG team visits a planet inhabited by alien shape-shifters, only their knowledge of each other's character allows them to distinguish the real team members from the shape-shifters impersonating them.

#110 "Can I Keep It?" (Airdate: 11-02-02)
Trouble comes when Seattle adopts a cuddly alien creature as a pet, only to have it grow overnight into a 200-pound rambunctious, noisy, annoying problem.

#111 "Stones" (Airdate: 11-23-02)
The Stargate team meets aliens who use meditation, exercise, and native stones to enhance their martial arts skill. When Stacey loses a match and tries to use the Mandros stones to enhance her strength and ability, she becomes addicted to its powerful effects on a human and endangers herself and others.

#112 "Initiation" (Airdate: 11-30-02)
Separated from the others on an island paradise, Harrison finds himself in the unaccustomed role of the voice of reason as he tries to help an alien youth resist peer pressure during a dangerous tribal initiation.

#113 "The Mother of Invention" (Airdate: 12-07-02)
Ec'co learns the dangers of lying when he falls for a clever female inventor who deceives him with lies in order to obtain their advanced technology.

#114 "Greed" (Airdate: 11-16-02)
Because the Trainees are off searching for diamonds, Gus and Draga are captured by alien bounty hunters. When the bounty hunters begin fighting over the reward, Draga learns the power of greed, and the Trainees learn that some things are worth more than money.