Fox Box Schedule: December 2002
Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
SATURDAY: 12/07/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 113 The Mother Of Invention New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 109 Hot Pepper Pursuit
9:00AM Kirby 127 The Flower Plot New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 112 Playing it Cool
10:00AM Kirby 128 Labor Daze New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 113 Slaw and Order New
11:00AM Kirby 102 A Blockbuster Battle
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 118 Golza is Back! New
SATURDAY: 12/14/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 106 Mentor
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 110 Boot Camp Buffet
9:00AM Kirby 129 A Spice Odyssey New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 125 Ink or Swim New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 126 The Kid vs. the Squid New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 114 The Comeback Squid New
11:00AM Kirby 130 Hatch Me if You Can New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 119 The Power of Light (Part 1) New
SATURDAY: 12/21/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 101 Decision
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 101 Rice to Meet You
9:00AM Kirby 101 Kirby comes to Cappy Town
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 101 A Legend Reborn
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 102 Generation — Next!
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 102 Pie Tin Power!
11:00AM Kirby 104 A Dark & Stormy Knight
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 101 The Prophecy
SATURDAY: 12/28/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 102 Double Duty
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 103 Mushroom With a View
9:00AM Kirby 105 Beware: Wispy Woods!
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 103 Making the Cut
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 104 Like Father, Like Son
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 104 You Wanna Pizza Me
11:00AM Kirby 106 Un-Reality TV
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 102 Monster in the Mine