Fox Box Schedule: November 2002
Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
SATURDAY: 11/02/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 110 Can I Keep It New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 105 Ship Of Foods
9:00AM Kirby 116 A Fish called Kine New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 115 The Student Rebellion New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 116 The Final Move New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 108 Battling Banana Island New
11:00AM Kirby 118 Flower Power New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 113 Attack of the Crow-Men New
SATURDAY: 11/09/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 109 Who Are You? New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 106 We Have a Wiener
9:00AM Kirby 119 Kirby’s Duel with the Son New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 117 Roxanne Rocks! New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 118 Cutting the Slack New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 109 Hot Pepper Pursuit New
11:00AM Kirby 120 Dedede’s Snow Job New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 114 Nowhere to Hide New
SATURDAY: 11/16/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 114 Greed New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 107 Avast Ye Gluttons
9:00AM Kirby 121 A Princess in Dis-dressNew
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 119 The Muscle League vs The Muscle League New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 120 Water Damage New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 110 Boot Camp Buffet New
11:00AM Kirby 122 Island of the Lost Warrior New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 115 Revenge of Gazoto New
SATURDAY: 11/23/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 111 Stones New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 104 You Wanna Pizza Me
9:00AM Kirby 123 The Empty Nest New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 121 A Bad Sign New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 122 Road Rage New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 111 El Taco Grande New
11:00AM Kirby 124 Ninja Binge New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 116 The Monster Slayer Returns New
SATURDAY: 11/30/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 112 Initiation New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 108 Battling Banana Island
9:00AM Kirby 125 Like Mother, Like Snail New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 123 From Bad to Worse New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 124 Ultimate Courage New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 112 Cinnamonkeys Secret New
11:00AM Kirby 126 Sword and Blade, Loyal and True New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 117 Dark vs. Light New