Fox Box Schedule: October 2002
Times may be different in your area; consult your local listings.
SATURDAY: 10/12/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 106 Mentor New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 101 Rice to Meet You
9:00AM Kirby 109 The Fofa Factor New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 109 Fury of the Scorned Shoe New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 110 Unmellow Yellow New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 106 We Have a Wiener New
11:00AM Kirby 110 Hail to the Chief New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 111 Friend or Foe? New
SATURDAY: 10/19/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 108 Hot Water New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 102 Pie Tin Power
9:00AM Kirby 111 The Big Taste Test New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 111 The Hand That Bites You New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 112 Cold War New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 107 Avast Ye Gluttons New
11:00AM Kirby 115 Kirby's Pet Peeve New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 112 Mutant from the Sea New
SATURDAY: 10/26/2002
8:00AM Stargate Infinity 107 Phobia New
8:30AM Fighting Foodons 103 Mushroom with a View
9:00AM Kirby 114 The Pillow Case New
9:30AM Ultimate Muscle 113 Checkmate New
10:00AM Ultimate Muscle 114 Feeling No Pain New
10:30AM Fighting Foodons 104 You Wanna Pizza Me New
11:00AM Kirby 112 Escargoon Squad New
11:30AM Ultraman Tiga 108 All Hallows Eve New