Kirby: Right Back At Ya!

#101 "Kirby Comes to Cappy Town" (Airdate: 09-14-02)
When a rampaging monster threatens to destroy Cappy Town, a star-shaped spacecraft arrives carrying a puffy pink visitor. Tiff and Tuff welcome him. The trash-talkin' King Dedede and his hench-snail Escargoon smell trouble. But only the mysterious Meta Knight seems to know the real secret of the Star Warrior and the evil force bent on destroying... Kirby!

#102 "A Blockbuster Battle" (Airdate: 09-14-02)
Tiff and Tuff try to find their new hero a home in Cappy Town. But King Dedede and Escargoon enlist the help of the cantankerous Tokkori to kick Kirby out. When their sabotaging schemes backfire, Dedede decides to order a new monster from Night Mare Enterprises, a shady on-line monster service. The result is... A Blockbuster Battle!

#103 " Kirby’s Duel Role" (Airdate: 09-21-02)
King Dedede — dead set on getting Kirby out of Dreamland — orders Meta Knight to challenge Kirby to a duel. Tiff and Tuff are shocked when their friend Meta Knight agrees. But Meta Knight’s attacks only serve to sharpen Kirby’s swashbuckling skills, which are put the test when Dedede downloads Kirby’s deadliest opponent yet: the beastly Bug Bam!

#104 "A Dark & Stormy Knight" (Airdate: 09-21-02)
Still determined to be rid of Kirby, Dedede orders a monster too massive and mighty to download! Soon the storm clouds gather as Cappy Town is besieged by a merciless onslaught from the skies. Realizing Kirby’s powers aren’t up to defeating this new enemy, Tiff summons the only thing that can give Kirby — and Dreamland — a fighting chance to survive!

#105 "Beware: Wispy Wods!" (Airdate: 09-28-02)
Lured by a trail of juicy, red apples, Kirby gets lost in the mystical forest ruled by the mysterious Whispy Woods. When Tiff, Tuff and Tokkori form a search party to find their friend, they soon learn they’ve been caught in a trap set by King Dedede. But there’s a shocking surprise in store for Cappy Town, as Kirby coughs up an amazing antidote to the King’s conniving.

#106 "Un-Reality TV" (Airdate: 09-28-02)
Everyone's excited when King Dedede brings TV to Dreamland. (Everyone except Tiff!) "Channel DDD" provides a full schedule of mindless shows... all starring the king! The Cappys are captivated, but when a bulletin reports a huge monster's destroying Cappy Town in its search for Kirby, Tiff suspects a scheme. With Meta Knight's help, she uncovers the real deal behind Dedede's television deception.

#107 "Kirby's Egg-cellent Adventure" (Airdate: 10-05-02)
Description not available.

#108 "Curio's Curious Discovery" (Airdate: 10-05-02)
Description not available.

#109 "The Fofa Factor" (Airdate: 10-12-02)
Fololo and Falala learn of their origins while Kirby is temporarily divided into a Kirby-A and Kirby-B.

#110 "Hail to the Chief" (Airdate: 10-12-02)
Tuff and friends create crimes to give the deposed Chief something to solve, and Chief winds up a hero.

#111 "A Big Taste Test" (Airdate: 10-19-02)
Popon comes to town disguised as Chef Kawasaki's mentor, Shiitake.

#112 "Escargoon Squad" (Airdate: 10-26-02)
Escargoon revenges DDD's pranks by rigging up a ghost that riles the inhabitants of Castle Dedede.

No info available

#114 "The Pillow Case" (Airdate: 10-26-02)
Description not available.

#115 "Kirby's Pet Peeve" (Airdate: 10-19-02)
Kirby receives a robotic toy dog as a present — the only flaw is that NME manufactured it.

#116 "A Fish Called Kine" (Airdate: 11-02-02)
Kine, a fish, falls in love with Tiff; meanwhile, DDD tries to seize the Rainbow Coral Forest.

No info available

#118 "Flower Power" (Airdate: 11-02-02)
Kirby swallows a Nodi and catches sleeping sickness, but only the evil Pukey flower can save him.

#119 "Kirby’s Duel with the Son" (Airdate: 11-09-02)
Knuckle Joe avenges his father's death; Kirby "mirrors" Joe to make him realize his monstrous ways.

#120 "Dedede’s Snow Job" (Airdate: 11-09-02)
The Ice Dragon brings winter to Dreamland and Kirby befriends a monster named Chilly.

#121 "A Princess in Dis-dress” (Airdate: 11-16-02)
Tiff falls in love with Vee (who is Princess Rona in disguise); K. fights Susshi after DDD duels Vee.

#122 "Island of the Lost Warrior" (Airdate: 11-16-02)
A typhoon strands Tiff, Tuff and crew on the island of Captain Cosmos; Kirby vanquishes DDD's villain, Tornadon.

#123 "The Empty Nest Mess" (Airdate: 11-23-02)
Dedede kidnaps Dyna Chick with hopes of injecting it to create a monster; Dyna Blade gets even.

#124 "Ninja Binge" (Airdate: 11-23-02)
An ancient scroll is actually Benikage's ninja report card, and Kirby must battle Yamikage, a ninja hired by Dedede.

#125 "Like Mother, Like Snail" (a.k.a "Escargoon Rules") (Airdate: 11-30-02)
Cappy Town pretends that Escargoon is king when his mom visits; DDD unleashes the drifters.

#126 "Sword and Blade, Loyal and True" (Airdate: 11-30-02)
Description not available.

#127 "The Flower Plot" (Airdate: 12-07-02)
Description not available.

#128 "Labor Daze" (Airdate: 12-07-02)
Description not available.

#129 "A Spice Odyssey" (Airdate: 12-14-02)
Description not available.

#130 "Hatch Me if You Can" (Airdate: 12-14-02)
Description not available.