September 2002 Programming Highlights

September 1st to September 28th:

To kick off the month of September we will be, once again, airing a week of Boomeraction. This is the same stunt as last year, except we will be featuring some of the new shows (Young Robin Hood, Mr. T and Chuck Norris’ Karate Kommandos) and a Jonny Quest movie that is new to the network (Jonny Quest Vs. the Cyber Insects).Afterwards, the schedule will return to normal.

Porky Pig is the featured character of the month.

Boomerang’s Character of the Month (Fridays all day):

  • Porky Pig replaces Yogi Bear elements, spin-offs and movies.

Boomerang’s August Saturdays will include:

  • Pre-empted for stunt (9/7/02)
  • 1973 (9/14/02)
  • 1974 (9/21/02)
  • 1975 (9/28/02)

Shorts will be added for timing fill per request.