1997 Awards

Winners are highlighted in yellow.

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Animated Children's Program:

  • Animaniacs (WB)
  • Pinky & the Brain (WB)
  • Scholastic's the Magic School Bus (PBS )
  • Schoolhouse Rock (ABC)
  • Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? (FOX)

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Special Class - Animated Program:

  • Freakazoid (WB)
    Episode Submitted: "Hero Boy"
    Steven Spielberg, Executive Producer; Tom Ruegger, Senior Producer; Rich Arons, Producer; John P McCann, Producer/Writer; Paul Rugg, Producer/Writer; Mitch Schauer, Producer; Ronaldo Del Carmen, Jack Heiter, Scott Jeralds, Eric Radomski, Dan Riba & Peter Shin, Directors; Andrea Romano, Voice Director
  • The New Adventures of Madeline (Family Channel)
  • Superman (WB)

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program:

  • Disney's Mighty Ducks (ABC)
    Dennis Franz
  • Life With Louie (Fox)
    Louie Anderson
  • The Magic School Bus (PBS)
    Lily Tomlin
  • Pinky & The Brain (WB)
    Rob Paulsen
  • Where On Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? (Fox)
    Rita Moreno

Daytime Emmy Award: Outstanding Music Direction and Composition:

  • Animaniacs (WB)
    Richard Stone, Steve Bernstein & Julie Bernstein, Composers
  • The Lion King's Timon & Pumbaa (CBS)
  • The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (TBS)