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SDCC 2017: Hey Arnold! The Jungle Movie Will Answer All Your Questions

by on July 21, 2017

Unlike most of the other Nicktoon revival movies, Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie was intended from the beginning. 2002’s Hey Arnold: The Movie ended with Arnold discovering a map that could possibly lead him to his parents. Creator Craig Bartlett deliberately cliffhung the series in anticipation that Paramount would greenlight a sequel. But the call never came, leading fans to come up with their own theories — all of which Bartlett decries as fake.

He’s particularly agitated by the fan theory that Pigeon Man killed himself and when Arnold saw him floating away carried by pigeons, it was only a vision Arnold concocted in his head to deal with the trauma. “I put Pigeon Man specifically in The Jungle Movie so people could point to him and say ‘there he is!’ and hopefully put this entire thing to rest,” says Bartlett.

Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie will be the ending for the series Bartlett intended, revolving around the mystery of Arnold’s parents (and maybe some reciprocation for Helga’s crush on Arnold). And it begins with a special video made by all the friends Arnold has amassed over the years….

Football Head is coming back to finish what he started. Hey Arnold: The Jungle Movie premieres on Nickelodeon November 23.

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