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Ready, Set, Balus!

by on August 19, 2013


When it’s not New Year’s Eve and Beyonce isn’t having a baby, the Twitter record books belongs to Japanese fans of the anime movie “Castle in the Sky”. That became apparent – again – this month when Japanese anime groupies conspired to simultaneously tweet the word “balus” during a television filming of the 1986 anime classic, “Castle in the Sky” in Japan on August 2 [“balus” is a magic word which, when uttered by the characters, brings on a spell of destruction in the movie]. The Japanese viewing the film simultaneously tweeted the word “balus” at a rate of a whopping 143,199 tweets per second – obliterating the old record of a mere 33,388 tweets per second when the Japanese wished everybody “Happy New Year” last year which, in turn, broke another “balus” tweeting record set during the 2011 television broadcast of “Castle in the Sky”.

The non-Japanese tweeting record was set on January 7, 2012 – at a puny 8868 tweets per second – when recording artist Beyonce gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter.