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Nintendo Still Consider The Nintendo 3DS A Focus

by on February 9, 2018

Is Nintendo still going to make games for the Nintendo 3DS? If so, why?

With the rise of the Nintendo Switch came a whole new appreciation for portable gaming. The Switch is the first portable title, and gamers from all over are taking full advantage of this. But, the side effect is that the Nintendo 3DS is being questioned for its continued support from Nintendo. It made sense in a way last year as the 3DS has a bigger support base than the Switch, but in 2018, it still looks as though Nintendo is going to support it. Why?

Well, Nintendo Tatsumi Kimishima has revealed the logic behind this in an interview.

“Nintendo 3DS continues to sell, so for now we hope consumers will embrace it together with Nintendo Switch. But as for what transpires in the future, that is uncharted territory.”

It’s a bold move, but it’s possible that Nintendo just isn’t sure how to advance the handheld market without infringing on what the Switch does. Also though, the 3DS sold 1.5 million units in December, which was its highest sales in a month since 2014. So maybe there’s no need for advancement just yet. We’ll have to see what happens next for the Nintendo 3DS.
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  • February 10, 2018 at 12:15 am

    I'd be pretty surprised if they do continue focus on the 3DS. With the Switch being such a huge hit, US/UM being the last 3DS Pokemon titles and a main series Pokemon game being in development for the system, I figured that the 3DS would start getting less focused. I don't think that there are any major games for the 3DS coming out this year. There are a few new games for the system, but I don't think anything huge.

    They could be just saying this so that they don't lose support for the 3DS completely, especially if it still sells that well, and they are in new territory with the Switch. As successful as the Switch is, it would still probably be good to not put their eggs in one basket. They may still be into the idea of a traditional handheld system to succeed the 3DS as well.

  • February 11, 2018 at 2:22 am

    Nintendo should make an add-on for the Switch that allows it to play Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS games.

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