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Ms. Marvel Makes Her Animated Debut This Weekend

by on August 5, 2016

One of the most popular recent additions to the Marvel Universe is the reinvention of Ms. Marvel. Kamala Khan doesn’t come off as your typical tough, stoic superhero; she’s more like a giant fangirl of superheroes that became one herself (and LOVES it). if her Jake the Dog-like powers of growing and stretching don’t stop bad guys in their tracks, her incessantly perky ramblings will.

And this weekend, the moment her fans have been waiting for will finally arrive: Ms. Marvel will appear on television for the first time as an animated character, in the latest episode of Avengers: Ultron Revolution. Have a preview clip!

Much of Disney XD’s superhero output comes off as bland and just kind of…..there, but perhaps Kamala can bring some desperately needed personality to this show. If you end up liking this guest spot, there’s more on the way: another season of Ultron Revolution is in production, and Ms. Marvel will be appearing in every episode as a central character.

See Ms. Marvel embiggen herself in full animated color on โ€œThe Kids Are Alright,โ€ the latest episode of Avengers: Ultron Revolution, Sunday morning on Disney XD. One more thing: please don’t tell Trump that a Muslim woman is appearing in a children’s cartoon. Seriously, nobody tell him.

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