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MLP: Friendship is Magic “A Canterlot Wedding Part 2” Recap (incomplete)

by on May 28, 2012

Extreme spoilers of part 1 ahead; read at your own risk.

and the real Princess Mi Amore Cadenza race to escape the crystal
Caverns beneath Canterlot before Shining Armor marries the impostor.

1 was great in its own right but had me concerned about part 2. The
remaining burden of whether or not the whole two-parter works rests
on this episode. Now a quick reminder of what happened last time: Twilight’s brother, Shining Armor, is to marry Princess Mi Amore
Cadenza. Twilight and her friends have been invited to Canterlot to
help with the wedding preparations. Also there’s been a threat
recently made against Canterlot and Shining Armor is the only one
who can create the force field which is currently protecting the city. A
series of events leads Twilight to believe Cadenza is evil, so she
states her opinion in front of everyone. No one believes her thinking
she’s just being over protective of her brother. So they leave.
Surprise Surprise (not really) turns out Cadenza really is evil and
traps Twilight who knows where… End of part 1.

2 continues right where the last part left off. Twilight finds
herself in a crystalline cavern with no clue where she is. The villain
appears to gloat and is actually smart enough not to tell the
heroine her whole plan, just that it involves using Shining Armor.
Pissed, Twilight tries blasting away with a really cool laser beam
she can shoot from her horn, which is an awesome power all
around. Unfortunately it proves not the most useful weapon, and a rather dangerous weapon, to use around a bunch of highly reflective
crystals. One of the laser blasts however does destroy a wall thus
revealing Princess Cadenza behind it. Twilight goes to attack only to
learn in an unsurprising (at least to me) plot twist that this is actually the real Princess Cadenza. Even if not surprising I enjoyed how
she proved to Twilight she was the real one. So the two of them set
off to find a way to escape so they can stop the wedding before it’s
too late. There’s an enjoyable song sung by both the villian and the
real Cadenza. I enjoyed the opposing views and song itself was great.
Needless to say the episode builds suspense by the wedding taking
place above while those below try to escape in time. And perhaps the
most unsurprising part of the episode is when the wedding is
interrupted at the last possible moment by Twilight and of course the
real Princess Cadenza. The real Cadenza explains who the villian
really is, a changling. A changling is a pony like creature which can
shapeshift itself to look like anypony and feeds off of love. Turns
out the villian is actually the queen of the changlings and Equestria
has more than enough love to feed all the changelings, thus her
deception. Anyways, then comes a part I really like, Princess
Celestia takes on the queen herself and actually loses since the queen has absorbed so much power from Shining Armors love of Cadenza. So the six
main ponies race off to get the elements of harmony. They literally
meet up against a whole army of changelings and end up facing off
against an army of evil versions of themselves. Surprisingly they
totally kick butt in the battle, which is in part due to the mass
confusion created by the changelings who can’t tell themselves apart
from their enemies. It’s a very well thought out and choreographed
battle. However they only win one battle and still end up being
captured. I won’t spoil how the evil really is stopped. But it is. And
then the rest of the episode focuses on the real wedding from the
preparations to the reception.

best thing about this episode is as always the characters. Another usual high point was the high attention paid to detail. The
changelings are probably the best villians I’ve seen on the show to
date. They’re cool, sinister, and very insect like which is just
somehow appropiate for them. I’m excited to see more of them in the future. I also loved the whole power of love part and
the lesson of trusting your instincts was nicely worked in. Rainbow
Dash getting to perform another sonic rainboom was pretty
awesome as well. Although there’s a lot to enjoy about the episodes I do find
some issues with it. The whole changeling and battling evil stuff felt
rushed, as if it was a struggle to fit it all in. Not surprising
considering how packed this episode is with events. There were also some things
which don’t quite add up about the Queen’s evil plan. She had to
sneak in both to power up off of Shining Armor’s love and get past
the force field. But the force field was only up due to a threat already made against
Canterlot. Certainly the Queen didn’t make said threat herself,
right? I suppose it was just a timing thing, yet still I wonder…
Also, why did the changeling army go on a rampage destroying things
and capturing everypony? How exactly does that tie in with the plan
of feeding off all the love in Equestria? It seems like decieving is
more their natural approach. I suppose with so many of them there was
no choice otherwise they’d starve. Perhaps it’s best not to know the
Queen’s full twisted plan. Final thing I’d like to mention here,
which is neither a pro or a con, is the fact that Twilight has had
the starring role in all 3 of the two-parters thus far. She’s a great
character but the other five main characters all equally deserve a
chance to shine. Of course season 2 has had a greater balance of
characters overall, so everything’s ultimately balancing out.

All things considered this is a great episode in its
own right. Combined with part 1 these two episodes are a solid
two-parter which I quite enjoyed. The few issues present weren’t too
bad and I love the concepts behind them. They were also able to mostly keep it original with Twilight and all the emotions involved
between her and her brother despite how much the plot itself feels like I’ve seen it before countless times. The episode as well as the whole two-parter would’ve been much better though if Twilight actually had just been wrong for a change and she had to face the consequences for her outburst. Rather than the six main characters having a dramatic fight against an army which feels sort of out of place on this show. Twilight having to contend with potentially ruining her relationship with her brother would’ve been much more interesting, not to mention how much more original that would’ve been. But would’ve and should’ve’s aside this episode really made me think of my me and my sister’s less than perfect
relationship, which I’m now even more motivated to improve. This
two-parter is also perfectly apt to serve as the ending to season 2,
due both to its epic nature and its extremely happy ending (which made
sense given the context). In season 3 and (hopefully) beyond I really
look forward to continuing to experience the characters and their
emotions. There was some struggling in this season but it is still
wonderful and I know those behind the show are quite capable. More importantly, also quite passionate. To them I say, keep up the superb
effort creating this amazing work of art affectionately known as
Friendship is Magic.

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