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Long Live The Power: A "Power Rangers" Timeline

by on February 2, 2005

Power Rangers: S.P.D. debuts this Saturday, February 5, at 8:30am ET/PT on ABC Family. But let’s suppose this is your first introduction to the Power Rangers franchise. What have you been missing? Like Time Force and Dr. Oliver’s diary, let’s take a trip through time:

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers Rita Repulsa has been freed from her space dumpster. Wise temporal sage Zordon recruits a team of teenagers, Jason, Billy, Zack, Kimberly, and Trini, to be his Power Rangers and defend Angel Grove against the monsters Rita Repulsa sends. Their biggest challenge comes when new kid Tommy is chosen by Rita to be her Green Ranger. But good always wins, and Tommy joins his powers with the others to complete the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The power of the dinosaurs that fueled them would not last, though, when Lord Zedd (Rita’s boss from another world) comes knocking. Tired of the space witch’s constant failures, he seals her in another space dumpster, takes in her minions and her base, and renders the DinoZords inoperable in his first day on the job. Zordon initiates a backup plan and, with his trusted robot helper Alpha 5, reconfigures the DinoZords into the ThunderZords. Though greater than its predecessor, the Thunder Megazord is not aided by Tommy’s DragonZord, thanks to Tommy’s ever-failing powers. To fix this, Zordon creates a Ranger out of pure good: the White Ranger, who cannot be tainted by the force of evil. The White Ranger becomes the new leader of the Power Rangers after Jason, Trini, and Zack leave the team for a World Teen Summit. Filling the ranks are Rocky, Aisha, and Adam, the first major shakeup in the cast. The power of the Thunder Megazord and White Tigerzord are overpowered when Rita’s younger brother Rito, in an attempt to gain his new brother-in-law’s approval, manages to destroy both machines. With the Zords and their powers gone, the Rangers seek the aid of Ninjor, a great warrior and creator of the Power Coins that allowed them to morph. With the power of the Ninja and the NinjaZords, the Rangers continue to defend Angel Grove. Rita and Zedd concoct a new plan: take out one Ranger to take them all down. Mind-controlling Katherine, the new girl in town, they steal the Pink Ninja Coin and White Falconzord (necessary to call the NinjaZords for a time). The Rangers get their back-up Shogunzords soon enough, but not a back-up Ranger. Katherine manages to break free of Rita’s spell, and, after Kim moves on to fulfill her gymnastic ambitions, Katherine is chosen as the newest Pink Ranger. She is also the new love interest for Tommy.

Mighty Morphin’ Alien Rangers The Rangers learn of the great Zeo Crystal under Rita’s base on the moon. To prevent her father, Master Vile, from using it for his nefarious purposes, they break it apart and send it through time tunnels across the globe so no one can reassemble it. Master Vile sends the world back to a time when the Rangers are kids and so can’t morph. Earth does not go undefended during this time; the Rangers of Aquitar are called in until the kids can figure out how to fix time. They use their Ninja Coins to power a time-adjusting device, but the villains defeat them after only one Ranger, Billy, has reverted to his normal age. Forced to find a new power, they track down the Zeo Crystals they had spread through time. Aisha, on her Zeo Quest, swaps places with Tanya, a young girl from Africa. Reunited, the Rangers return to their normal ages, but their Command Center is destroyed, thanks to the bad guys and a few bombs.

Power Rangers Zeo Fearing that their mentor and ally has been killed, the teenagers survey the destruction. They still have the Zeo Crystal and, as luck would have it, a secondary base: The Power Chamber. With Zordon and Alpha still around, the teenagers (minus Billy) take on the mantle of the Zeo Power Rangers. Billy stays on the sidelines as the Zeo Rangers face a new threat. The Machine Empire, a force so scary it drives Rita and Zedd from their home, has its sights on Earth. The Zeo Rangers get help from Trey of Triforia, the Gold Ranger, until he is forced to pass his powers on. The Rangers call in Jason from the World Teen Summit to take up the Gold Staff. The Machine Empire is eventually defeated by Zedd and Rita, the power of Gold is returned to Trey, and the Rangers can relax until …

Power Rangers Turbo The team’s Zeo powers are rendered null as they chase the space pirate Divatox. To stop her from unleashing pure evil, the Rangers are forced to shift into Turbo—except for Rocky, who is out with a bad back. Filling in for him is Justin, a young kid who has just learned their identities. Divatox fights these teens until Dimitria, the new mentor of the team, deems them old enough to go on with their lives and recruits replacements for them. TJ, Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie replace Tommy, Adam, Tanya, and Katherine as the Power Rangers Turbo. The Blue Senturion, a robocop from the future, comes to the past with a message: All the world’s evil will unite to take over the world soon. This “Millennium Message” will foreshadow the Rangers’ future, but for now, they continue to fight Divatox, occasionally aided by the mysterious Phantom Ranger. News comes that Zordon has been kidnapped, and Dimitria and the Blue Senturion leave Earth in the capable hands of the Power Rangers Turbo, but Divatox’s forces soon find their base and level it. The Turbo Powers are gone, their home is destroyed, and Divatox is called into space by Dark Specter, a supremely evil entity, to go take over another planet. Despite their Ranger-less status, the four elder Rangers take a NASADA space ship to track down Divatox.

Power Rangers in Space While in space, they meet up with Andros, the Red Space Ranger, and become the Space Power Rangers. After a chance encounter with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their old Blue Turbo friend Justin, they face off against Astronema, Andros’ sister who has turned bad, and the greater threat of the United Alliance of Evil. Andros’ old partner Zhane (The Silver Ranger) proves helpful when the forces of evil succeed in subjugating the world. The Rangers of Aquitar, the Blue Senturion, and the Phantom Ranger all fall in battle. The Space Rangers defeat Astronema and save Earth, but at the cost of Zordon’s life.

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy With space safe once again, Earth’s biggest space station, Terra Venture, sets off into parts unknown in an attempt to find another suitable planet for life. Finding five swords in a stone, five young adults (Mike, Kendrix, Kai, Damon, and Maya) become the Power Rangers of the Lost Galaxy. When Mike disappears into a crack on an alien planet while defending its villagers, he is replaced by his brother Leo. The Rangers are aided by the Magna Defender, who eventually revives and is replaced by a resurrected Mike. When old adversaries of the Space Power Rangers are revived, Kendrix dies in battle to save her Space counterpart. A reformed Astronema becomes Galaxy Pink and fights alongside the Rangers on their trip through the Lost Galaxy. A final battle with Trakeena sends Terra Venture crashing to the moon, but the survivors are lucky enough to land on Mirinoi, the planet that supplied the Rangers their powers all this time.

Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue While two generations of Rangers battle in space, Operation Lightspeed strives to be the first government-sponsored team of Rangers. Carter, Chad, Dana, Joel, and Kelsey are chosen to be Lightspeed Rescue, defending Mariner Bay against recently released demons. Dana’s long-dead brother Ryan returns and becomes the Titanium Ranger. Operation Lightspeed teams up with the Galaxy Rangers against a revived Trakeena and eventually defeats the demons on their own territory, but only after their Aquabase is destroyed.

Power Rangers Time Force Skipping ahead to the year 3000, the police organization Time Force has just lost wanted criminal mutant Ransik and his daughter Nadira. Time Force Red, the prime exemplar of police skills, is slain in battle by Ransik in front of his fiancee, Jen. Along with Time Force operatives Katie, Trip, and Lucas, Jen tracks Ransik back in time to our time. Their Chronomorphers cannot be unlocked without a genetic match for Alex, but, luckily, Alex’s ancestor Wes lives in Silver Hills. A son rebelling against his wealthy father’s plans, Wes is all too eager to become the new Time Force Red Ranger. The five move into a clock tower, open up a “Nick O’ Time Odd Jobs” business, and fight Ransik at every turn. Wes’s friend Eric becomes the Quantum Ranger and head of the Silver Guardians when Time Force’s lost Quantum Morpher is found in an archaeological dig. Alex returns, risen from the dead and retaking the mantle of Time Force Red, only to find that Wes is a true leader. Stopping time portals from destroying the world, Wes and Eric lead the Silver Guardians when Ransik and Nadira reform and Time Force goes back to their time. “Evil leads to evil, hate leads to hate”. Words of wisdom from a robot in gold.

Power Rangers Wild Force Cole was raised in the jungles after his parents were murdered by Dr. Viktor Adler. Presumed dead, Viktor has actually become the latest Master Org, leader of demons fighting for ancient evils. Wild Force is the team recruited to fight them. Initially led by Yellow Ranger Taylor, Max, Danny, and Alyssa meet Cole when he became the Wild Force Red Ranger and new leader. Teaming up with both Time Force and all the Red Rangers, the Wild Force soon takes care of Master Org and give up their powers.

Power Rangers Ninja Storm Deep in the mountains, secret ninja academies train our future protectors. Ancient scrolls tell of three who will be chosen to become the Wind Ninja Rangers. Shane, Tori, and Dustin are the only ninjas left after Lothor, a fallen ninja, kidnaps all the students at the academy. He also recruits Blake and Hunter, the Thunder Ninja Rangers, but they soon realized they aren’t fighting on the side of good. Cam, the son of the sensei, travels back in time to gain the Samurai Amulet and become the Green Samurai Ranger. Lothor is taken down in the Abyss of Evil, but the Rangers’ powers go with him.

Power Rangers DinoThunder Tommy hasn’t been sleeping since his tenure as Turbo Red ended. Going to college, becoming a doctor of paleontology, and working with Anton Mercer on bioengineering will prove to be a downfall, as Anton accidentally creates an alter ego in the form of Mesogog. Years later, Dr. Oliver becomes the latest teacher at Reefside High School and is surprised to find his old friend is still alive. Conner, Ethan, and Kira find Tommy’s Dino Gems and became the DinoThunder Rangers and defend Reefside against Mesogog. Tommy becomes the Black DinoThunder Ranger, and Anton’s ward Trent accidentally becomes the evil White Ranger. Trent soon joins the side of good, though, and together the five take down Mesogog while saving Anton.

Whew… whoulda thunk 500+ episodes would be so exhausting?

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